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External Web Service Proxy Configuration for Visual Composer


To use external web services within the SAP NetWeaver 2004s platform, you will need to setup the http proxy to be able to access these web services. This blog will show you how to setup the web service proxies. Keep in mind this has changed between SP8 and SP9 within SAP NetWeaver 2004s.

How do I set it up within SPS8 and lower?

Within SPS8 and lower, the proxy configuration for web services that are used in Visual Composer are specified through “System Administration -> System Configuration -> Service Configuration -> Applications -> -> Services -> Proxy”. For details on this see the online help at: Configuring Proxy Settings.

Figure 1.1 – Configure Proxy Service

Figure 1.2 – Specify HTTP(s) proxy configuration

How do I set it up within SPS9 and higher?

Within SPS9 and higher, proxy configuration for web services has been moved to the Visual Administrator. Within the Visual Administrator, navigate to “Server # -> Services -> Web Services Container -> Runtime -> Settings”. Set the proxy information here. This is described in the online help here: Configuring Proxy Settings.

Figure 2 – Configuring Proxy Settings in Visual Administrator

Example VC Applications Using Web Services
What types of web services are currently supported?

Web Services are handled differently between SPS8 and SPS9 within the NetWeaver stack.

Within SPS8, see OSS Note 936768 for an explanation of the supported structure types.

As of SPS9, Visual Composer supports Web services that are compliant with the Basic Profile 1 standard of the Web Services Interoperability (WS-I) Organization. Consistent use of WS-I compliant Web services will ensure technology-independent operability across platforms, operating systems and programming languages. This is mentioned in the release notes for Visual Composer in SPS9 here: This is also mentioned in OSS Note 969418.


The reason I put this together was due to the numerous questions around web service consumption within Visual Composer. Hope this helps!

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  • Prakash~

    The way for proxy configuration in 2004s SP9 or higher is the same as it was before 2004s. Except, now its for use within VC as well. Am I right? If yes, any reasons for the deviation in between?

    Thank you and best regards

    Kartik Iyengar~

    • No, this has changed. In SPS8, the proxy used for web services was specified in the portal through service configuration. That setting has no effect in SPS9. In SPS9 the proxy MUST be configured in the Visual Administrator as described above.
  • Hi Prakash,

    With SP 9 and higher, how should the proxy settings in the visual administrator be configured if no proxy server is used for HTTP traffic?