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h5. Introduction

In this blog, I will show an example of the power of BI Commands within the BEx Web Application Designer in SAP NetWeaver 2004s BI. In this scenario, I demonstrate how you can show/hide a particular characteristic from displaying within your web application while keeping the data table as input ready for a planning enabled BEx Query! This will allow you flexibility in your presentation layer versus your integrated planning input layer.

h5. Here’s an example view

The example application looks as follows:

*Figure 1 – Sample Application (default view)*


*Figure 2 – Sample Application (after clicking hide currency)*


*Figure 3 – Sample Application (after clicking show currency)*


As we see here, the query has Fiscal Year, Currency, and Version. These are all required to be in the rows to be at the lowest of the query for planning. Therefore, this solution shows how you can be at the lowest level, but hide the display of a particular characteristic from your table. If you utilize this method, keep in mind that the data will be written for this particular “hidden” characteristic value. In general, it is recommended that the characteristics you plan on are specified in the query and not directly in the web application to drive the most consistency. This solution just shows how to control the presentation layer.

h5. Implementation

To implement this solution is very straightforward. We are using the command “SET_PRESENTATION” within the Command Wizard in the BEx Web Application Designer. The values for this presentation can be found in the online help here: .

h5. What Next? – Toggle Buttons!

So now you’re probably thinking, hey, he’s got two buttons there. That takes up screen real estate. Why doesn’t he make that a toggle button. You can do that as well! The online help has an example of toggle buttons here: . Definitely worth checking out.

*Figure 4 – Web Template with Toggle Buttons (before click):*


*Figure 5 – Web Template with Toggle Buttons (after click):*


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  1. Former Member
    Prakash, Hi i you article is very help me.

    I need know if can help in this problem.

    I required this Complex Screen for the Planning Datas filter by Cost Center value.

    Check Red Areas.

    So, text areas si required the BOSS the AREA can look in some Aggregated Report and look the Box Texts Inserted in the Screen for Planning.

    Thank you, for you time, i really need fix that complex problem.

      1. Former Member
        Using that Texts Areas is related to Cost Center value, but HOW the Admin in the Superior Area can look all texts inserted the all sub-areas ?

        Thank you.

        1. Former Member Post author
          If you have the texts modeled as part of the dataset, you can just drilldown by this field. If you have the texts stored as documents within KM, then they can see the document icons on the transactional lines.
              1. Former Member
                Hi, but when in BW 3.5 you attach txt file or word for the infocube value, that is stored in the metadata or mime, is not posible get the list the documents in the metadata or mime, and open when need look inside ?

                Thank you, any away…

  2. Former Member

    In my case there are some attributes attached to the Characterstics, i can see them going through context menu. But i am not able to add them in the table.
    Can you please help me out.

    Thanks a lot


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