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SDN Day Sessions in Amsterdam October 17

Update III: Some speaker changes and an excellent new session added: Understanding how Web Dynpro models use JCo connections  with Chris Whealy from SAP.
Many Web Dynpro applications are built using Adaptive RFC Models to connect to back end SAP systems.  The whole area of model object design is one where bad design decisions can lead to inefficient use of system resources – especially JCo connections into the back end SAP system.  This session aims to clear up the misunderstandings and help people design Web Dynpro applications that consume the minimum number of JCo connections.

Update II: Scripting Language lineup finalized, looks very strong and some presenters updated.

Update: Some presenters and session themes were changed. I especially am looking forward to Gregor Wolf’s Connecting Typo3 to R/3 Enterprise via Web Services (see further down) Keep you eye on this post as there are some minor improvements still in the works.

I am still beaming from the great time I had at the SDN Day in Las Vegas. I don’t see why we can’t repeat that for Amsterdam. First ingredient are excellent sessions from the community and man do we have great sessions. Here is the lineup.

You know already about the 6 hour SAP Discovery System during SDN Day where you get 3 full hands on exercises: 1. Using SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer to create an iView. 2.Using SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management to consolidate master data. 3. Using SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe with enterprise services. Great success in Las Vegas.

SDNers also liked Matthias Zeller and Enrique Duvos doing two hour classroom session introducing Adobe Flex possibilities in an SAP world (Don’t forget your laptop). They liked it so much, that they had to repeat the session.

Creating Rich Internet Application UI’s using Adobe Flex and SAP ESA
I would like to demonstrate how you can use Adobe Flex Builder to create very compelling and engaging User Interfaces in Flash which connect back to SAP applications using the SAP ESA.

He is not only presenting this very interesting workshop, but he also got Adobe to sponsor part of the event. Which we are endlessly grateful, we were able to afford the excellent band in the Hofbrauhaus that night. So be extra nice to him when you see him 🙂


Accepted regular sessions in the order of when we received them:

Integration of Web Dynpro applications in the portal with Daniel Wroblewski
How to develop applications to work in the portal; calling portal services, such as Page and Tray services.

Performance Tips for Interactive Forms with Les Woolsey from Adobe
This session will focus on practical tips for creating Interactive Forms applications that perform well.  The session will cover forms design issues, system configuration, and performance checking tips.

Introduction to Detroubulator a software tool for automated unit testing of SAP XI mapping programs with Morten Wittrock.
Detroubulator was written by SDN members Thorsten S?birk and Morten Wittrock, two XI developers who got fed up with manual testing in the Integration Builder, went looking for a better tool but ended up having to write their own. Detroubulator is open source software and its first public release will coincide with SAP TechEd 2006 in Amsterdam. In this session you will learn:
* The benefits of automated unit testing
* How to get up and running with Detroubulator
* Unit testing best practices
[A world premiere at SDN Day how great is that.]

Best Practices for designing interactive and print forms based on Adobe Software with Juergen Hauser and Les Woolsey from Adobe

Anti Spam Honeypot on Netweaver with Eddy De Clercq
A new and different approach to fighting spam made available for SAP Netweaver. Anti-spam effort has generally been focused on the tail end of the spam cycle. This presentation shows a new concept, now available for SAP Web Application Server BSP applications, which attempts to intervene earlier in the spam cycle, and shows how to avoid spam with a tour behind the screens.

Advanced Campaign Automation in SAP CRM 4.0 with Gregor Wolf form Siteco

Apache reverse proxy within a portal landscape with Pascal Adami
[We may have had a mix up regarding him being at Las Vegas, but in reality he will be in Amsterdam]

Knowledge Management capabilities of SAP NetWeaver Portal with Robert Briese from Btexx
This session highlights over 20 different KM Implementation projects. This session is useful for beginners using SAP NetWeaver Portal and knowledge management in order to look over the margin of knowledge management, as well as, for knowledge management experts and project leads to get new ideas for realization. This session consists of live demonstration of implemented new features, and provides tips and tricks for knowledge management implementations. Also, some undocumented functionality is shown.

WD / PP integration in NetWeaver 04s with Jochen Guertler from SAP
All the news about WD / PP integration in NW04s (and even some outlooks from the labs for the next release).
* WD page builder
* Content creation
* ….


Introduce guided procedures by discussing guided procedures and interactive forms with Ginger Gatling from SAP.
I will cover technical requirements and tips for getting started.

NetWeaver on Virtualized Hardware with Nicholas Holshouser from SAP.
This year, the SAP NetWeaver RIG in the Americas has been working with NetWeaver on virtualized hardware to better understand and leverage the benefits of virtualization technologies. With a small pool of physical hardware we’ve been able to build and test many different system configurations and operating scenarios using real SUSE Linux servers and virtual SUSE and Windows servers. In addition, we’ve made use of several downloadable virtual appliances to simplify deployment of various complementary applications.

Apache reverse proxy within a portal landscape with Pascal Adami from Panalpina.

Usage of Interactive Forms in SAP Applications with Juergen Hauser from Adobe.
This session will look at samples from SAP applications (like my SAP CRM, mySAP SRM or mySAP ERP) that make use of Interactive Forms. We will discuss why Interactive Forms were used for these business scenarios and attendees will learn to identify for which processes it makes sense to use Interactive Forms.

SAP xApp Analytics: Value Proposition for Partners with Alessandra Carvalho Nunes from SAP
This session will showcase partner opportunities with SAP xApp Analytics.

WikiNavigation (designed by Armin Groll) with Daniel Wroblewski from SAP.
It allows me to simply edit a text file and add links to my favorite sites, and the navigation will automatically appear in the portal navigation. Enables tree structures and much more.

An alternative approach to E-recruitment with Eddy De Clercq
Due to its specific circumstances and requirements, the implementation of an e-recruitment system at the K.U.Leuven required an alternative, rather than off the shelf, approach. It is clear that things cannot be achieved via a simple form or Word template, the applicant needs to fill in and upload the data together with their CV. The result is a unique project that makes use of various SAP technologies such as SAP Netweaver Portal, Web Application Server Business Pages, Workflow, iXOS, etc. This is not just a ?simple? front-end application to R/3 Recruitment; it takes things a step further encompassing R/3 modules such as Campus Management and Personnel Administration. This session will elaborate on the project?s philosophy with a strong focus on the end result, including a live demo from both the applicant, and the recruiters, point of view. This is a session suitable for both BPX as technical audience.

Mobile Sales Application for Laptops with Santosh V from SAP.
It is an application which is part of the SAP CRM family. The session would give an overview of the Applications and simple steps to customize the application.

ABAP Editor backport with the one and only Thomas Jung now with SAP 🙂
A little background on the ABAP Editor Backport. Description of what it is like to go from being a customer to being an SAP Employee. Finally a little sneak preview of some upcoming features in the ABAP Development area.

MDM Roundtable discussion with Thomas Jung from SAP
We focus on experiences with MDM and how current ERP Customers can leverage the power of MDM. There will be a Demo of the new ABAP APIs for MDM

Attention: Finalized schedule related to Scripting Language presentations.

SAP supports Scripting Languages with Andre Labahn from SAP.
This session will provide you with more insights on how SAP is supporting scripting languages.

Connecting Typo3 to R/3 Enterprise via Web Services with Gregor Wolf from Siteco Beleuchtungstechnik GmbH
Siteco Beleuchtungstechnik GmbH currently implements a customer service centre into it’s Typo3 based website. Typo3 is an Open Source Web Content Management system based on the Scripting Language PHP. The application will allow Siteco’s customers to directly check price & availability of products from the backend R/3 Enterprise system, quotations, orders and delivery status. The backend connectivity uses Web Services utilise the PEAR SOAP Package.

Scripting Languages in action (Radrails) with Kyle Shank and Matt Kent from Radrails
See what RadRails is about and how it can make you more productive.

Scripting Languages PHP and Enterprise Software with Björn Schotte (Chief Editor from PHP Magazin)

Scripting Languages Tool with Balamurugan Kalia and Frank Mittag from SAP
SAP will provide a open source tool to the scripting development community that is supporting the access to SAP Backend Systems via RFC/BAPIs and Webservices. See the concept and demo of the tool and discuss this with SAP Development

Reputation in Online Systems – Quo Vadis with yours truly Mark Finnern from SAP SDN Team
On SDN we have the crude point system to measure and reward contributions. Let’s discuss what else is out there and how we can improve the system to the benefit of the whole community.

Wow, all these sessions and only one day to cover them. Most of them are not designed as lectures, but rather as discussions with some opening remarks/setting the stage and with a lively discussion to follow. I am really looking forward to it. Don’t miss this great SDN Day there are only very limited seats available. Sign up quick.

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      Mark Finnern
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      Hi SDNers,

      If you have a pointy haired boss that doesn't see the value of TechEd plus SDN Day, or you are an independent, where money is tight. It is not very explicit, but you can register for the SDN Day only. A full day of networking and community provided sessions plus the evening event is a tremendous value for €180 + 19%Vat.

      See you there, Mark.