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Author's profile photo Luis Felipe Lanz

Is time to migrate

…Migrate or do not migrate, that is the question…

As you probably know End of Mainstream Maintenance for SAP Enterprise Portal 6.0 on SAP Web AS 6.20 will end on December 31, 2006, so a quarter before (means NOW!) the dilema start..”

I know that after read this several questions appear, questions like :
– To which Portal should i migrate ?
– What happen if i wait until cannot wait more ?
– What are the benefits of migrate ?

And many others questions….for this reason i want to give to you some considerations in this blog that you should take for your project and 5 reasons to migrate..but first at all have a look on SAP Note 52505 : What happens after mainstream maintenance has ended?

Top 5 reasons to migrate:
– Your business will run the wave and be on top of SAP technology
– Your business will be automatically prepared to run Business Process Applications like xApps Analytics
– The portal capabilities as of SAP NetWeaver 2004 introduce new functionalities, new navigation and operational concepts
– Your portal will be 100% supported by SAP Global Support (24×7)
– Because newest SAP Services like Premium Support will be available for your systems!

Bonus one: because you will have fun during the migration (sorry, it sounds like a geek opinion)

Top FAQs about the project:
Q: In case of migrate, what is better to NW04 or to NW2004s ?
A: Both versions are very valid, of course if we will make an effort, just get the latest technology…. so in your case NW2004s will be the right choice.

Q: Now exist NW’04, NW2004s and will be EP 7.1, what is the maintenance strategy for this ?
A: As of NW’04 Portal SAP apply the 5-1-2 Maintenance Strategy

Q: What about to wait for the EP 7.1 (NW2006) Portal ?
A: Is a good option too, but it will take a while to be fully released for customers, so if you are in a budget restriction or want to take the risk of run your portal out of maintenance, just wait….

Q: My backend systems versions lower than NetWeaver ?
A: That is not problem at all, the problem is if your backend is newest than your portal, so in this case some BPs and funtionalities will not work, if this is your case you must migrate NOW!

Q: At this time my current budget is restricted and cannot migrate, what can i do ?
A: SAP continues to support you even after mainstream maintenance has ended. However, you should evaluate whether the specific conditions of customer-specific maintenance affect you and make an early migration advisable, check it with your SAP Office

Q: where can i found more information about ?
A: as usual in SAP Service Marketplace alias /nw-epmig

I hope you find this interesting and see you in SDN day @ Amsterdam!

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hi Luis,
      Your blog gives some interessing tips for the migration process for EP6.0.

      Maybe you can help me with another scenario, migration from EP5.0 to NW2004s.
      Is this possible? Because I don’t find any documentation for this scenario.

      Thanks for the help,
      Paulo Ruivo

      Author's profile photo Luis Felipe Lanz
      Luis Felipe Lanz
      Blog Post Author
      Hello Paulo,

      Thanks for your comments in this blog, as the EP 5.0 is out of maintenance since long time ago and as the technology in each Portal is very different, there not exist a migration path to NW2004s from EP5, for this reason you aren't able to find any information about.

      So the way to do this is to migrate first to NW'04 and afterwards just make an upgrade to NW2004s

      I hope this clarify the scenario 🙂

      Kindest Regards,

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      may i know when will NW2006 be released?


      Author's profile photo Luis Felipe Lanz
      Luis Felipe Lanz
      Blog Post Author
      Hello Chirina,

      There will not be a NW2006 version, at least not with that name 🙂

      Currently the NW 7.0 is the latest version and all the new functionalities will be delivered via Enhacement Packages.

      You can have a look on the NetWeaver area here in SDN for details or in SAP Service Marketplace at

      Kind Regards,