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Guide to Develop Applications using NWDI – Part 1

The steps for creating a software component and implementing the whole life cycle of NWDI are:

1.  Creating a Software Component in the SLD.

2.  Creating a domain and track in the CMS

3.  Checking in and importing the required Software     Components

4.  Importing  Development Configuration

5.  Creating an application

6.  Testing and checking in and activating the application

7.  Releasing the changes for consolidation

8.  Consolidating the changes

9.  Creating a version(Assembly)

10.Importing the version into Test system

11.Approving the transport

12.Importing into Production System

Define the Product details like version, name and vendor.


Click on create and it asks for the Software Component details. Enter the details and create a software component

After you create Software Components, to define the dependencies.

Go to

Software Catalog->Select the product

you have created and then select the Software component-> you can select the

usage Dependencies

link and define the dependencies.


And then click on the link Change Management Service(CMS)

Logon with the admin rights to the system

Go to the Landscape Configurator

In the domain data tab enter the CMS and Domain details


Save the domain information and switch to Track Data tab and enter the other details

And then under Required Software Components tab. Select Add component and then add the Software Component you created (in our case Application).


Select the software component required and then click on Add and then close


Switch to the Runtime Systems tab and select the Development and fill in the details for the SDM host, SDM port and password and save the changes.

Here if you select Development Test and Production all the three check boxes, you have to provide the SDM host, SDM port and password for all the three systems.

And depending on this selection, in the transport studio you have the three tabs to transport your application to the respective systems.


3. Checking in and importing the required Software Components

Now Go to the Transport Studio of CMS and goto the checkin tab . Select the Track on the left side which created in the second step(in our case APPL) and select the dependent components from that track and checkin each one of them.


Once you check in all of them go to the development tab you find al the components which are waiting for import. Select the components which you checked-in before and then import all of them


Now your software component is ready to be imported into NWDS and ready for development

In the next series of this blog you would see how to import the software component into NWDS and the other lifecycle steps.

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      Author's profile photo Christopher Solomon
      Christopher Solomon
      Thanks for a great blog....nice step-by-step.

      Developing with/on NWDI is not so much a hurdle as is setting the whole thing up to begin with. What a pain in the ....uh-hum...backend that whole thing is! We have had so many problems getting it to deploy things correctly...even with the direct help of SAP!!! Argggg.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author
      Thanks Christopher and Ricky.
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Excellent and informative weblog.It helps a lot the beginners who are in a chaos state to start with NWDI after initial configurations. 🙂


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hi Padmaja,

      I can't access http://localhost:50000/devinf. any idea why. Overall, it is great web log. Keep up the good work.