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To get started with the widget development lets create a simple Widget to start a R/3 transaction (for eg. SE38 – the ABAP Editor transaction).

System Requirement:

1. Yahoo! Widget Engine

2. SAPgui 6.40

3. SAP System whose ABAP Editor your want to launch should be added in the SAP Logon Pad.


1. Create a text file with the following content.





Title=ABAP Editor


2. Save the file with extension .SAP (for eg: “ABAPEditor.SAP”). This will create a SAP Shortcut (For more details view my previous weblog about Introduction to SAP GUI For Windows.)

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    1. Tarun Telang Post author
      Hi Matthias,

      The purpose of this weblog was to create a hello world kind of Widget and as an introduce to the Widget programming.

      Best Regards,

      1. Jim Stachowiak
        Hello Matthias,
        I tried this and the “Logged On Users” widget as well, I think these examples are excellent tutorials for widget beginners (like myself) and I wanted to thank you personally for the education.
        Keep up the great work
    1. Tarun Telang Post author
      Hi Sam,

      Password is stored in encrypted format and will not work if you store your exact password in the text file.

      To make it work set it in the shortcut properties while creating the shortcut.


      1. Sam Mesh
        Hello Tarun,

        Thank you for your answer.
        Password is disabled in SAP Properties Editor for this shortcut.

        Also, changing working directory in shortcut does not change it in SAP GUI that is started using this shortcut.

        Sorry for delay – my coComment does not notifies me about the answers on SDN Blogs.
        Could you please recommend reliable way to track comments on SDN Blogs?

        Sam Mesh

        1. Narayana Raju Sampathirao
          Can you tell me how to work with this. How to pass a encryted password so that it works fine? Now, when I pass the password as normal text it opens the SAP GUI but on the first screen it gives an error: “The input field contains prohibited characters (already deleted)”
          In the shortcut properties I cant find the encryption of password.


  1. Hi Tarun,
    I am quite intrested in learning more about SAP widgets. I am an abapaer & would appreciate if you cud guide me :

    1.Tutorials wher i can find basics to learn about widgets
    2.Necessary skills to start coding widgets
    3. Sample code, from which i can start with ..

    Wud greately apprecaite ur prompt reply,
    Thanks in advance,

    Best Regards,

    1. Hi Tarun,
      Thanks a lot for the prompt response.
      Hope to interact more on this in comming days 🙂

      Best Regards,

  2. Vinay Chakra
    im new to Widgets, first i tried ur guidance in this blog..
    im getting error like
    ” This widget has syntax error
    (syntax error (expected’=’)on line 12)
    Kindly guide me..

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