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Guess Who’s Offering the First Compliant Java EE 5 Application Server?


It was only a few days ago that SAP NetWeaver was certified to be the first commercial application server to fully support the  Java EE 5 standard – but already we have the version of SAP NetWeaver that  achieved this remarkable status.

The introduction of Java EE 5   is arguably the most important landmark for the development of  enterprise-ready Java applications in years. Java EE 5 has totally rearranged  many areas of the Java Enterprise Edition, with a focus on enhancing ease of  development and developer productivity in general. SAP introduced a preview  version of SAP NetWeaver, which already exhibited a lot of Java EE 5  functionality, on this year’s JavaOne conference and also published it in SDN.  The replacement of this preview by a successor that now covers the entire set  of Java EE 5 standards comes earlier than expected – and obviously to the  surprise of many competitors. For more information on SAP’s position towards  Java EE, please check this SDN page

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  • Congratulations! Nice to hear that SAP is one of the front runners

    Does this mean that SAP will focus more on competing with Weblogic,Websphere,++ as a general(non-SAP) Java EE application platform ? Or will the main focus still be to support SAP’s Java applications?


  • First was SUN, even if that’s not really surprising ;-). Second was TmaxSoft, they of course have to be counted. And – at the moment – last but not least is SAP as the third vendor. Congrats – but take care (more: SAP, than: Oliver) not get laughed with such marketing watchwords.
    I definitely appreciate that SAP seems to be aware of how far they have been from standards within the J2EE world for years now and that SAP is trying to close the gap. So I really don’t want to talk down this news.
    I just stay sceptical. Still not having a J2EE 1.4 server in “real life production line” and at the same time creating a “marketing server” (hopefully it doesn’t stay at this level) makes me wonder…
    No offense! Best regards
    Detlev (who is moving into the WebSphere world soon… still with hands on NetWeaver…)