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ShowHelp Functionality with pop-up


When you click on the showHelp icon in the input field, the pop-up will appear. You can see the top and bottom fields of your selection as well as a dropdownlist to pick a selection option. I inserted the images that were to be found in the MIME repository.


This list is activated through JavaScript, and the value passed to the model, to start the search. When no results come up, a message will be shown, otherwise the list will appear. The resultlist will fire a close of the pop-up and pass the values needed in the main screen.


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  • Hi !! 
         I am pritty excited to try it out on my applications on the first opporunity !!

    The concept has been put up very nicely step by step way ..not jumping too many guns in between which makes it standout !!
    will let you know the results once i implement it . I will appriciate if you can share some links / documents / books from which I can pick up Javascript as it seems to be the way out if you get stuck up in BSP for some web related issue. !!

    Thanks again .

    • Hi,

      thanks for the response,
      but my javascript resources are combined in one
      website “google”, i haven’t found one site that
      gives all the info (not that i found)