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Fuzzy search on BP in CRM ICWC

Can I get the right business partner even though I enter the search only phonetically right? If a Business partner lives in New York and I enter New Yark, can I see the business parter in the result list? The answer to the above questions is ‘Yes’ if Fuzzy search is enabled in ICWC.    h5. Note:- The prerequisite for enabling fuzzy search in ICWC is that BP search should be based on TREX. Fuzzy search can be performed only on complete search and not on pattern based search     The following simple example talks about fuzzy search on fields containing information about Name. Similarly fuzzy search can also be enabled for other fields.    Step 1:  Create a new class ZCL_BUIL_HEADER  inheriting the standard class CL_BUIL_HEADER .    Step 2:  In IMG, add the new class as implementation class for BP   image   image    Step 3:  Create a new function group ZCRM  and add the following code in the TOP include    * global types TYPES: BEGIN OF ty_tables,          field TYPE trexd_attr_name,          tab   TYPE trext_doc_attributes,        END OF ty_tables.  TYPES: ty_tables_t TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF ty_tables.  TYPES: ty_bp_result_t TYPE STANDARD TABLE of bus020_search_result.  * constants CONSTANTS: gc_pattern  TYPE char2 VALUE ‘CP’. CONSTANTS: gc_equal    TYPE char2 VALUE ‘EQ’.  DATA: gr_bp TYPE REF TO cl_trex_bp. DATA: gr_cp TYPE REF TO cl_trex_bp.     Step 4:  In the Main program of the function group add the following includes LCRM_BUPA_TREX_SEARCHF02  and LCRM_BUPA_TREX_SEARCHF01 .    image
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  • We implement this logic successfully within our ICWC CRM2007 and upgraded this solution easily to CRM 7.0. Now we want to have the same behaviour for BP_HEAD_SEARCH component. Customer message from SAP told us that it is not possible. For our users it would be great to get the same result from both environment (IC and non-IC). Any idea to reach this goal ?

    Thank you in advance,