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Solution to a Bothersome WD-ABAP Problem in NW2004s SP08 !!

Here’s SAP’s explanation of why the WD-ABAP component WDR_TEST_EVENTS doesn’t work with NW2004s at SP08, and also a suggested work-around. Since it is extremely instructive to compare code in this WD-ABAP component with the code generated in various WD-Java tutorials, I thought it was important to let folks know that you can get this WD-ABAP component to work by following SAP’s suggestion. (Slightly Edited Text of SAP message): Dear xxxx, There is a problem with the HorizontalContextualPanel UIElement in SAP_BASIS SP08 which is fixed with SP09. Unfortunately this means that the WDR_TEST_EVENTS application does not work for SP08. As a solution you may make a local copy of WDR_TEST_EVENTS and remove the HorizontalContextualPanel UIElement from the “HCP” View of your WDR_TEST_EVENTS copy and than activate it. Best Regards, xxxx NetWeaver Development SAP AG Here’s how we implemented the SAP suggestion, since we couldn’t get the view to display in order to remove the UI element from it. First, we commented out the code in the ONACTIONTO_HOR_CTX_PANEL method of the Main view of our local copy ZWDR_TEST_EVENTS that we made of the SAP-delivered component WDR_TEST_EVENTS: method ONACTIONTO_HOR_CTX_PANEL . * wd_this->fire_to_hor_ctx_panel_plg( * ). endmethod. Note: if you don’t comment out this code before the next step, the activate will blow up for an obvious reason. Then we simply deselected the item HOR_CTX_PANEL from the list of components to be activated (i.e. the list that comes up when you activate ZWDR_TEST_EVENTS) The activation process will still generate an error message, but it does complete and the application will run successfully. Thanks to the NW Development Team for the very quick turn-around on our customer message.

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  • or even 250K (allowing for corporate and personal ids), then there’s a 250K:1 shot that someone is actually working this tutorial as I write it.  And for that person, the “20 (or so) posts ain’t all about “the same thing” at all.

    Lots of bookies would go out of business if they took bets at 250K:1 against them.  Hard to layoff that kind of action.

    • Play nice guys!

      It’s 560,000 users and that is accounting for multiple users.

      However, David I must say I got a bit lost with all your blogs as well – how about once you get them done with throw them together into one large article style document or something or into a real eLearning? Hopefully out of your “20” you don’t have others getting lost as well, I’ve done a few of these long tutorials as well and from my experience it was sometimes easier to follow the whole thing up with an article or somehow the whole thing packaged together into one place.


      • Doesn’t make sense to give someone points just for restating in a more coherent fashion what he or she has already stated. 

        It’s an interesting challenge for the following reason. 

        The “didactic” idea of the tutorial was to try and follow the navigation pattern of the original component with the debugger and see what actual code instantiates each step of the pattern – then to use this code as the skeleton to hang a different costume on.

        So in “tidying things up” and making everything more coherent, the hard part is keeping the final piece consistent with this idea of a tutorial which proceeds in the same way as someone works in real life when he or she is ripping-off code.

        Mark Finnern will understand exactly what I mean here – I’m willing to write something more coherent, but not to give up the idea of writing an “un-tutorial” which actually reflects the process of “experiential” learning, rather than “instructed” learning.

        • As long as you don’t loose your audience along the way David then life is OK, however sometimes in terms of “un-learning” as you mention is better left for a live setting or interactive one as opposed to weblogs.

          For example manage to do your tutorial in a 1 hour slot live online with multiple users (I’ll even go out on a limb and set it up) and you might have something but “un-learning” as a series of blog posts really tends to miss the mark. Especially if the series draws out too much, yours is not there yet, at least I don’t think it is but I would feel better knowing that you were keeping all of that in mind as you move forward.

          Let’s not get all caught up on Mark’s bandwagon of “un-” items, I’m the first to support them but only where they make sense and I’m not sure the blogs here are the perfect place for it – but I have been following yours to see how it turns out and I look forward to seeing it through to the end.

          PS – no one said anything about more points 😉

  • Hi David,
    I was trying to run WDR_TEST_EVENTS and it faild. I was trying to activate it and it faild.

    This weblog was the only one with a hint. Probably I would find an OSS message, if I would have a OSS-User…


    Best regards