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BPX, Sister Community to SDN

TechEd Las Vegas is behind us and we’ve shared a good deal about SDN Day Sessions in Amsterdam October 17, SAP Network TV – the WHOLE Demo Jam, Show me your .slnk and I will show you mine (1of2), and other developer community related activities and now TechEd Amsterdam is nearly upon us and will offer European colleagues the same opportunities to network, collaborate and learn that over 5,000 participants experienced in TechEd Las Vegas.

Before that happens, perhaps now would be a good time to recap some of the Business Process Expert activities of TechEd Las Vegas and share with you some of what was generated by the BPXers, the new community that Shai Agassi called the “sister” community to SDN during his Las Vegas keynote (see segment “Leverage Our Ecosystem, the Community Wants You”).

The BPX Knowledge Table, in the SDN clubhouse, was a lively place where folks like Dale Van Sluytman of Kimberly Clark had intense conversations with our resident BPX Consultant, [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] , whose “Days in a Life” series has begun to resonate with many Business Process Experts and those striving to be BP experts. Dale, also provided a number of interesting sessions, notably: “Human Interaction/Collaboration within a Business Process”. Dale was joined by business and enterprise architects and process experts from companies like Home Depot (whose Matt Stultz together with Marc Goracke provided extremely interesting insights and additional sessions, speaking frankly about customer challenges with large scale SAP implementations). Consumer Products were well represented, and they were especially well-treated and engaged by Solution Manager Introduction to Consumer Products and BPX by Frauke Hoffman who was an almost permanent facilitator at the Knowledge Table. Siemens, Intel, IBM, HP, Nike, Colgate and Rockwell Collins were all represented at these user-driven and sometimes spontaneous sessions, as well.

In fact, Enterprise Architects were very visible at the Business Process Expert table where [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] shared his “ARIS Support For Enterprise Architecture Framework”, including a full functional example. Natty has promised us an elearning session which we can share on the BPX pages with a more detailed look at this tool, so stay tuned.


And the table provided the backdrop for some animated debates around “Who is a BPX”. Max Efimov, of Tesoro, sparked that discussion and even followed through with a recent blog that declares that Business Expert vs. Enterprise Architect?.

BPX Top Contributor, Andre Truong ,who had the honor of receiving recognition at the demo jam, spoke about “Why Business Process Optimization and Compliance are Candidates for Composite Applications” and Sven Conrad engaged participants rather passionately in his session: Collaborative Engineering for a BPX. Swen will soon be published in SAP Insider expanding further on that topic.

One of the real highlights for me, was watching Kathy Lomaskin of Siemen’s Medical, demonstrate her business process expertise and dexterity, by an impromptu modeling of her business processes with ARIS tools and using Solution Manager… which I saw her learn “on the fly” while sitting at our Business Process Knowledge Table. Now, that is truly what I call agile implementation of collaborative learning. I hope Kathy will keep her promise to me and blog about that experience and share some of her methods and tips with us in the BPX Community, shortly.


And of course, Audrey Weinland , our BPX content strategist and Lori Vanourek of Product Management, introduced the Business Process Expert Community Website to the myriads of folks who stopped by the pod to register, query, and grab a Business Process Expert T-Shirt.


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