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Extend the Material Master BDOC-Part 2

In this weblog I am covering the remaining steps of my last published Extend the Material Master BDOC-Part 1. This weblog will focus on configuration needs to be done in CRM for triggering the CRM middleware download of data.  In order to populate these fields in CRM there are a number of development objects which are needed in CRM:

  • Every additional field from the Material Master in ECC must be created as an Attribute in CRM. Use transaction COMM_ATTRSET to create the Attributes for all those fields: imageimageimage

  • Set Types must be created to handle all of the Attributes created.  Set types can only handle 22 Attributes. Create multiple Set Types if needed to handle all of the Attributes. Use transaction COMM_ATTRSET to create the Attributes for the following Set Types: ZPROD_XPORT  imageimageimage
  • This will be the ZZxxxx fields on the BDOC: image

ZMARA_BRGEW – Gross weight – ZZ0011NOTE:If you make changes to the Set Type, then there is a possibility that the field mappings in BADI PRODUCT_CUSTOMER2, method MAP_R3_TO_CRM_MATERIAL on the CRM side will have to be changed.  Please check the mappings after a set type change to ensure they are still correct.

  • Extend the complex data structure of the product master in CRM with the set type ZPORD_XPORT and thus enable download from ECC into the CRM database.image
  • Assign all of the Attributes to the Set Types created. Assign each Set Type to the Hierarchy Category MAT_HALB using transaction COMM_HIERARCHY. imageimage
  • If you defined custom fields in ECC you need to create additional structure tables called in CRM. These tables will match the same table names in ECC. The tables should have the same field lengths as the table-fields in R/3.
  • The BADI PRODUCT_CUSTOMER2, method MAP_R3_TO_CRM_MATERIAL will have all of the code changes needed to map the additional fields to the Set Types in CRM. Use transaction SE18.  An Implementation will be created called Z_PRODUCT_EXT (Used to populate extended product data). We will need to add the Category MAT_HALB to the Product Master. The Category MAT_HALB has all of the Set Types assigned to it which will map all of the custom fields from ECC into the Product Master in CRM.
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  • Hi,
    great information in this blog.
    Nevertheless I still have a question.
    I need to upload Product Master information (Competitor information) from MSA (CDB) to CRM.
    The sBdoc is completely filled, the mBodc has the required segments, but no mapping from sBDoc to mBDoc is available.
    1. Do I need to create a new set type, even the segments are already in the mBdoc?
    2. Do I need to enhance Badi Product_Customer2 method MAP_R3_TO_CRM_MATERIAL do I need to implement another Badi?
    Thanks in advance.