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A Widget to display BSP-Content

Hello sdn community,

i want to share some informations about a little nice Widget found at the Yahoo Widget Gallery.
You can use the Widget Info URL from the Gallery to display a overview of any kind of your SAP Business Content inside this little helper.
You do not need to have a knowledge of Widget development.
Only some settings and the development of a simple JSP/BSP and it should work.
Here is a small Introduction about using this Widget for your SAP Workflow Tasks by using a simple BSP:

1.Download the Yahoo Widget Engine .

2. Downlaod the Widget Info URL created by William Warby from the yahoo gallery.

3. Open the Widget. It should display something like that:


4. Create the Widget-Content:

I used a BSP(anonymous access in SICF) with a plain text message in the layout.
I only counted at OnInitialisation the Workflow Tasks for a workflow-User(passed via URL parameter) . The BSP is looking like that:


5.Open the Widget settings(right mouse click on the Widget) and enter the BSP-Page as URL to Check.
You have also the possibility to change the Polling Interval and the Click-URL.
I am using the SAP-Transaction Business Workplace (SBWP) opened via WebGui as Click-URL.


6. Test the Widget: It should now display your Workflow Tasks from your SAP System.


7. Change the layout to your Company Style
You can easy change the Widget layout to your Company Style by replacing images in the Widget archive under Contents/resources with your Company Logo.
For more details please refer to the Yahoo Widget Engine Reference Guide
You only need to read the first 10 Pages of this Guide for understanding the How-To.
But I guess,if you start with the Widget Guide you are getting infected from this little helpers….

8. Test the Widget again.
It should now display the SAP Workflow Tasks in your Company Style.


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