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Show me your .slnk and I will show you mine (1of2)

Show me your .slnk and I will show you mine (2of2) First things first, what is a .Slnk you ask? You may hear it and see it referred to as a “Slinkee”. A slinkee is the file extension used for SAPlink. If you were unable to attend Tech Ed ’06 in Las Vegas last week, here is the skinny… two inovators SAPlink One Week, One New Version — UPDATE and SAPLink and my first real community project decided to deliver to the community a way to collaborate. So, how does this affect you and how can you participate? These are two good questions! It affects you because the next time you post a question on SDN you may get a response that includes a hyperlink to a repository with a slinkee file, the same goes for blogs from this point forward; for example SAPLink and my first real community project recent blog. In his blog you will see two links to two separate repositories ABAP flickr API and ABAP FCK Editor. How do you open this file? Download a copy of image image Click on the subversion repository Link, like the one in the image above and navigate to the SAPlink branch In the file management system, all files in the “Trunk” are working copies…download at your own risk. If you want a stable copy, go to the branch levels…here you will find the released version(s). image Install this file in an R/3 system with a basis component 620 or greater. Unfortunately for now, this is not backported to 46c or below, but the good news is it is open source and you can get involved with the people involved with the project to make a version for the 46c systems at Saplink Group . Now that you have SAPlink installed, you are ready to get slinkee’s as answers to questions or as solution suggestions. In my next blog(coming soon to a theater near you), I will explain how you can set up your own repository on and what the subversion tool can do for you. Stay tuned to the same bat channel!
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  • Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for your weblog. It's great to see what's going on with SAPLink.

    I have one remark:
    >Install this file in an R/3 system with a basis component 620 or greater
    I don't think it's restricted to R/3, it can be any ABAP-engine based system (CRM, SRM, ABAP-WAS, etc) with BC release at least 620.

    Best regards,

    • I agree...hopefully my mistatement did not mis-lead anyone.  It is not R/3 specific, any module with a Basis Component SAP_BASIS of 620 or higher can run SAPlink

      Thanks for pointing out the mistake.