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SAPlin Beta v0.1.1 is out

Just a week ago we were on stage at the Demo Jam presenting what we thought SAPlink was and where we thought it could go. I had expected to do a second SAPlink release hopefully, by TechEd in Amsterdam, but due to some impressive work by our resident kings of ABAP Thomas Jung image and Rich Heilman image the release is ready right now. Yes, 1 week one minor release higher. As Eddieimage said in a The Power, Agility, and Speed of a Community, the speed and agility we all have working together is really something to see.

v0.1.1 includes some bug fixes and also a whole slew of new functionality entirely written by the SDN community here are some highlights:

  • Class plugin now supports internal types, friends, local types, implementations, and macros
  • Enhanced program plugin now supports dynpros, gui status, and gui title (Thanks to Rich Heilman)

Additionally, Thomas Jung has created a plugin for DDIC objects:

  • Tables
  • Data Elements
  • Domains
  • Lock Objects
  • Index
  • Search Helps
  • Structures
  • Table Technical Settings
  • Table Types
  • View Technical Settings
  • Views

You can download Thomas’ DDIC nugget here. Once again just use SAPlink to add this to your system.

UPDATE: Phillip T Young has just released a Plugin for BSP Extensions.

Seeing that blogs aren’t even fast enough to keep up with changes in the project you should just subscribe to our feed image.

Given that this is a minor release of SAPlink we have stayed true to our word and you can use your existing SAPlink version to just upgrade it. Here is the zip file with the new nugget in it. Just fire up ZSAPlink on your ABAP stack and install that nugget.

Hopefully, we can keep this momentum going, to check out what we will be working on next have a look at our group or at the SAPlink main code site.

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  1. Peter Inotai
    Hi Daniel,

    It’s really great to see how fast things are happening with SAPLink.

    Is there any way to get the list of installed plugins in SAPLink? The only way I found is to display subclasses of ZSAPLINK in SE80.

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Former Member Post author
      You can do that or if you attempt to export an object and bring up the Object Type value help it will show you all of the plugins that are installed on your system.


    1. Former Member
      Hi Rich…the answer is yes and no.
      Yes, SAPlink supports migration of objects between various releases.  However, SAPlink currently doesn’t support 4.6c.  We have one of the community developers looking into the possibility of doing a 4.6c version, because there isn’t much incompatibility between that and systems > 6.20.  There are just a few runtime type services that we use that would have to be changed.

      We have migrated multiple objects between 6.20, 6.40, and 7.0 (2004s) systems with success.  Hope this helps,

    1. Former Member
      Hi Alan, Thomas Jung is currently working on it.  He got the exports working, but is having a few issues with the imports.  Hopefully it will be available soon!


      1. Thomas Jung
        We have a first version of the Web Dynpro Component Plug-in completed.  We will be ready for a public beta test of it very soon.  If anyone is interested in testing, let me know.

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