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XI: ABAP mapping logs – more standard = better visibility

Everyone who ever tired the abap mappings most probably

also used the traces
to see how the tags are getting populated with values. But are those popular traces
easy to monitor via transaction SXBM_MONI in the XML format? If you’d like to try something else
have a look below. I will try to show an alternative way – standard application log on the ABAP stack.
You can use this log to create log entires which will be visible in a very nice format via transaction SGL1.

The procedure to create this log is quite simple:

Step 1

At first you need to create an object and a subobject
via transaction SGL0 (remember about the Z-prefix).



As you see the application log is very well structured
and provides a nice alternative to mapping traces.


Some of the most common issues with this logs
and it’s use with the ABAP mappings:


How to turn if ON/OFF dynamically?


You can create a configuration table in which you
can store the ON/OFF indicator
along with the message
mapping name. This way the logging will be only turned ON

when you need it (no unnecessary logs)
and you can control it via this table.


How to select only one messageID?


Just populate logheader-extnumber field
with the messageID
and then you’ll be able to
use the messageID in SGL1.

more info:

Application log –

[SAP Developer Network Blog: Message handling in BSP | Message handling in BSP

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