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Receiver Determination based on the payload of input data.(Extended–>xpath,Context Object)


You can send the data to a specific Receiver out of several Receivers. It can be done by the condition in the receiver determination. On behalf of this condition you can send the name of Receiver Business system in the input payload. The name of the Receiver Business system is taken from the input payload and data is sent to that specific Receiver

For example : If you want to send a message from a Business System BS_SENDOR to Two Receivers BS_RECEIVER1 and BS_RECEIVER2.

There is field in the input payload consists of Business System which specifies the Receiver Business System. This is used in Receiver Determination to find appropriate Receiver either of two (BS_RECEIVER1, BS_RECEIVER2).

Source File


Steps in Integration Repository

1.Interface objects of sender

2.Interface objects of Receiver1

3.Interface Objects of Receiver2

4.Perform message mapping and interface mapping between Sender and Receiver1

5.Perform Message mapping and Interface mapping between Sender and Receiver 2.

Steps in Integration Directory:

1.Configure sender and receiver communication Channels

2.Configure sender and Receiver agreements

3.Configure interface determination


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  • HI,

    Good job… I’m also working on almost same scenario. but its not working for me.

    My scenario is:

    Source Message:
    Name and *** are two elements, If ***=M go for Receiver1 and If ***= F go for Receiver2.

    But, its not working… anyway its going to create two file structures… any help??!!!



    • HiEsha

      I have done some scenarios sucessfully similar to your  requirement. you please check thee Receiver Det . Take two seperate conditions for two receivers and make sure there should not be any relation between these two conditions (OR,AND).

      Hope you can resolve the issue.


      Prasad Babu 91-9960226467/9849065377