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OO ABAP Contest Results

The Contest

Hi, Everyone! I have finally returned from vacation (alright, alright… 3 weeks ago) and remembered that I promised to post the results of my OO ABAP contest which you have probably already forgotten. Anyway: I posted a OO ABAP contest with books giveaway! where I asked folks to modify my OO ABAP demo application by adding a component to it which would do something funny and (hopefully) harmless. The authors of the best 3 implementations would get my newly published book Design Patterns in Object-oriented ABAP.

As for the number of applications, I can only say that my fears of having to examine thousands of ABAP programs did not come true.

The Results

Anyway, the winners are:

  • Tanveer Shaikh – Wipro Technologies
  • Akshay Bhagwat – Wipro Technologies
  • Liviu Handolescu – Independant Consultant

And here’s what the guys did:

Akshay Bhagwat

Akshay actually made me think that it was I who won his contest, not the other way round. And when I started to believe that I’ve won a week for two on Seychelles (and not a lousy book like some folks give away)…


…he brutally grounded me.


Liviu Handolescu

I set my popup reminder for Akshay’s next year contest and checked what Liviu has done.


Well. Alright… What do you mean “stressed”? This thing is sitting and doing nothing. What a lousy boring piece of program. Why in the world did you think you’ll get a book for noth… Oooops!?


What was that? Where did it go? Oh, here it is back!


Wow! I could build this in all my programs, and then I’ll make a customizing table with usernames of those, hehe, who pissed me off, with an instruction to talk to a basis guy who also pissed me off.

Tanveer Shaikh

This horror-program is only for adults with good nerves. If you have heart problems or are under 18, do not proceed with reading.


Didn’t I say no naughty tricks allowed in contest?! Let me check my OO ABAP contest with books giveaway!… Yes, the warning is there! Why didn’t you take me seriously?! Now my only hope is that Tanveer bought my bluff, underestimated my laziness and really believed that I will go through the code before running it on REAL DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM, TANVEER!!! Sorry, I lost my nerves.


Tick… Tick… Tick… It was not running quickly at all, oh no. And he’s making jokes with my lips too. I will break this damn stopwatch once, I promise…


Finally. Yeah, I’m sure you’re sorry. If I catch you you’ll be much sorrier. If you really did it I’ll…


Oh, lucky me! Shall I believe your word? No way – I better rush to SE16 and check chart of accounts and LIPS for myself. Phew! I was lucky this time!


There you go – that’s it. It didn’t hurt much, did it? Thanks guys, you earned your prizes! I hope you’ll enjoy your reading.

Regards, Igor

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