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XI : WebService Studio – A Plain Jane SOAP Tool

1. Why need one more Clone Tool : What is in for me??

Testing webservices could become a tedious task based on the tools that are being used. There are a range of tools available for testing SOAP. In functionality they range from a cookie cutter to a Swiss knife. But often these tools fall short of essential features that we dearly need for testing webservices. Also there is always a heavy baggage that comes with each of these tools in terms of contract or other addendum products. Often all we need is just a simple SOAP testing tool that is as simple as using Google. Commonly required functionality in a SOAP testing tool is

  1. Ability to view the SOAP request envelop
  2. Make SOAP calls to the endpoints
  3. See the request and response messages
  4. Ability to change the cardinality of the objects in the request message
  5. Set Parameters like timeout/basic credentials / URI

About a while back after burning my hands with a lot of tools that were over kill for the things I needed to do, I finally found a neat tool. WebService Studio is a simple tool to use that is very intuitive and well designed.

2. Existing Tools:

3. Example :

Step 1: Launch the tool, either browse for the wsdl file or type in the wsdl location



Step 2: Hit the get button for importing the wsdl into the tool and for generating proxies from the wsdl



Step 3: Choose the service and provide the configuration parameters like URL , username/password , timeout values.



Step 4: Choose the appropriate soap action and fill in the values into the request (INPUT) and hit INVOKE



Step 5: On INVOKE the tool makes a soap call to the endpoint and shows the result of the soap action in the Output Window.


4. Limitations :

  • There are two versions of the application. Version 1 is more stable than the newer version.
  • You cannot send attachments as payloads
  • Since the tool was written in C#, the application will throw errors during proxy generation if the wsdl had C# keywords as data elements

5. Conclusion :

This tool is a very simple, easy to use webservice testing tool. This tool covers about 80% of the day to day tasks around webservices. I have been using this tool for a very long time and have personally come to depend a lot on this tool. But please be advised that this tool should be used at your own risk. Please make sure you are in accordance to your company’s electronic policies before downloading this tool.

6. More Details :

You can find more details about this tool here WebService Studio

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