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Installing the new Netweaver Preview

I have been around this SDN gig for a while. I remember stumbling across the ftp site a couple of years ago and downloading the first sneak preview. I was so excited that I told all my colleagues at work the next day.   I remember it was a pain to install and you had to have a precise version of the Java SDK and if it worked right the first time it was a miracle.   Fast forward to September 06. I now have a machine with a spec to cope and when I saw the new updated realease I knew it was time to get it installed.  WOW. I was blown away. They say in their blurb about the new version…  “With an improved installer, installation of SAP NetWeaver 2004s ABAP SP08 is easier, faster, and more robust”  They are not joking ladies and gentlemen. This is the real deal. I would love to be telling how I fixed this little niggle and had to hack that little issue but NO. I had no issues at all.  Ok it is a hefty download and it took over 2 hours even with a solid broadband connection. To put it through it paces I thought I would install it in the background while I was working in Eclipse.   Note: you need a fairly well spec’d machine to run this on. The recommendation is that you have a minimum of 1Gb of ram. Let me suggest that you have 1Gb of ram just for the NW04s itself. If you have 2Gb on your machine so much the better.  As I said I was working in Eclipse (Callisto edition) while the install was going on in the background. Eclipse was taking up 300M of memory just by itself. I checked it from time to time but once I had given it the initial answers, it happily chugged along by itself. image From go to woah it took about 2 hours to complete. I expected a bit of pain but there was none. I expected to have to uninstall and try again but I didn’t. If I had shut every other program down and left to its own devices it may have completed a tad quicker but I was impressed that I could keep working while it installed.  It was so easy. Take my word for it give it a spin.  Congratulations to the guys who put this together. You have done an awesome job. I am looking forward to giving it a good run now and now I can test the new Scripting Toolkit
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  • You’re right — I’ve been installing MiniSAPs since the Linux preview — and this was just too easy.  Unfortunately I’ve run into a few problems that caused me to revert to the previous (SPS5) distribution:

    1) The installer doesn’t add a sapmnt share to c:\sap so STMS, SPAM and SAINT all complain if you try to do anything with the transport system or import a support package.  It’s easy enough to do manually, just make sure you check the box to “allow network users to change your files”.

    2) STMS config wasn’t distributed, which again caused SPAM and SAINT to complain that STMS wan’t configured correctly.  Again, easy enough to accomplish after you fix #1.

    3) And this was the biggie — I couldn’t install Basis support package 9.  It would get to XPRA_EXECUTION and then the disp+work.EXE process would die.  SPAM would end with RC 12, and importing the queue again didn’t help.  I tried updating the kernel, updating SPAM to 7.00/0021 but nothing helped.  I also tried installing the BI_CONT 7.03 add-in but that failed with the same problem.

    So, unfortunately, I wound up uninstalling the SPS8 version and re-installing the SPS5 version.  On this version none of the above problems exist.  disp+work.EXE still dies while installing SP9, but it gives RC 0222 and I’m able to continue by just importing the queue again.

    If you plan on keeping your system up-to-date with support packages or add-ins then I can’t recommend this version, but if your plans for using the system don’t include the above then this is the version for you — it’s so much easier to install.

  • It must be a really unique experience that SAP installation is easy and robust. That is more I can imagine at the time *trying* to install BW on a Linux system.
  • The installation in in deed quite fast, but unfurtunaly not successful in my case due to java errors which description in the log file is quite cryptic.

    A reinstallation was not possible. Eventhough the installation manual says just to start the installer again in case of problems. This does not work. I was told to uninstall the system again and so i did.

    But i still have 3gb more on my disk that before the installation and cant find where the corresponding files are. And the installer still tells me to uninstall before running the installer.

    • I have to correct that.
      The stuff regarding the 3gb was wrong. I was as well a little bit confused due to the new folder structure.

      But some parts seem to still exist on my system. i am still told to remove the existing NSP system before running in installer.

  • Hi!

    I agree, installation went much faster and smoother when compared to the SP05 version. And it seems to run a bit faster now.
    But why is the execution of ABAP Unit tests disabled by default ? You have to manually correct the type of the system for client 000 in T000, before you can even most harmless test.
    I think, this should be corrected for the next version. 🙂

  • Is it posssible to create new clients in the ABAP minisap trails ?

    I have installed ABAP Trail SP11 and there are the standard clients 000, 001 and 066. I would like to create a few of my own clients such as 100 and 200 so I can experiment more with STMS. I can define the client in SCC4 but can not login to the new client to start a local client copy.