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SDN Day, SDN Clubhouse and Demo Jam

Well I think it’s all down hill from here, we’ve survived the SDN Day which was an unbelievable event as well as the first day of the SAP TechEd, the SDN Clubhouse and the Demo Jam. So my first question was do I need to post a new blog on this or should I just share some links to the multitude of other blogs popping up? The power of blogging is just amazing and the speed at which things are coming is blowing my mind.

And these are just some of the ones I found and it’s only been one full day of TechEd itself – I’m not sure what more I can add at the moment? Truely mind blowing! Flickr photos are coming into the SAP TechEd group and the SAP Developer Network group, I think the popular tags are sapteched and sdnday. For photos please look here. My schedule now should start to clear up a bit now that some of our major events are now over so I’m hoping to get to my video casting and podcasting starting tomorrow!

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  • Yeah…I’m depressed…After reading all the blog…I know how great the SDN was…And remember that I couldn’t attend it…Still…I’m happy for all of you who could make it! Thanx for all the blogs…I can think to myself and pretend I was there…hehehe…

    Wanna the details about Andre’s exposition about Scripting Languages!!! -:D



  • Well, since they won’t let me actually go, I might as well enjoy a few pictures of people drinking beer – like I wish I could do 🙁

    Knew I could count on you for some graphics