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SAPlink @ Demo Jam – TechEd 2006 Vegas

Hello to all from TechEd 2006 in Las Vegas.    We were most honored on Tuesday to participate in this year’s Demo Jam by presenting The Enterprise and the Bazaar.  There were some really cool demos; congrats to all the participants!  The beer was flowing and the crowd was rocking.  If you did not come, I highly recommend either trying to make it to one of the other TechEd conferences scheduled for this year or to start begging your pointy haired boss to let you go next year.  Be sure to go to the pre-conference SDN day event too; it was an awesome way to meet other SDNers and learn A LOT. It alone was worth the trip.  Regarding SAPlink, we have a “Meet the Jammers” session scheduled in the theater at the SDN clubhouse tomorrow at 1:15 pm.  We have decided to make the session less of a presentation and more of a hands-on session.  We will demo SAPlink by walking through it a bit and, if everyone is interested, actually installing it on your system and using it.  If you have some time tomorrow, feel free to stop by and bring your laptop.  I promise we won’t bore you with powerpoint slides.  🙂   We built SAPlink for the community and the plan is to release the beta version sometime tomorrow.  SAPlink is open source, free as in beer, and free as in freedom.  We are looking for fellow developers to help us out with enhancements, plugins, testing, and all other types of feedback.  For more information, updates, & downloads, visit the SAPlink project and discussion pages. -ewH

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  • to your big success @ the Demo Jam.

    I had a look at your project homepage yesterday ad I wonder if you were able to not only supply a subversion access but a http download too? Firewalls, proxies, protocols, you know …


    • Thanks Anton!  We are using subversion for our own purposes, but all downloads are available to the public via http download.  Just click into the subversion repository on the “source” tab from the project page.  From the links in there, you will be available to download via http.  Here is the direct link: SAPlink  downloads

      Our original demo submission is available on the site if you want to take a sneak peek.  Stay on the lookout for the code release later today. 

      Thanks again!

  • You gentlemen let me speechless (something that doesn’t happen to often, I admit).
    To see “our own” present in the Demo Jam with such community focused content and incredible stage-presence was really awesome.
    Whoever wasn’t there seeing you all (SDNers) on stage missed a real treat.
    Congrats on a job well done.
    Thanks to Craig: See the pic on flickr
    The Winners!


  • Hi Ed and Dan,

    Your impromptu hands-on session at the clubhouse, where everyone who was present, like our own Rich Heilman, could install SAPLink was my personal highlight of the SDN Clubhouse.

    A lot of thought went into the layout and program of the SDN Clubhouse to exactly enable such impromptu sessions.

    You can plan and all, but when it really happens it is really sweet.

    Keep it up, Mark.