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Quickly find needed NetWeaver information on

In my personal opinion, Search function on is a powerful, but not really a quick option.  What I found is working better for me, is using … to search results on  To do this you need to limit searched servers in with “site: ” or “site: ” and then key words you are looking for. As on the screenshot below: image I am using Google to do my search, but I believe same approach (limit results to one site only) is available in all wide-used search engines.
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  • …sorry for my stupid question: but wouldn’t it enough to use “find” function on the same site ?
    I know it’s really hard surfing through the entire hierarchy tree, but searching thanks to “find” function make life very easier (in other words, it doesn’t take a Page/Brin and their Google engine to do this search !)


    • … I have mentioned it in my blog. But my point was abour *quick* search, and for me google does it faster. I use Google most of the time to find something on, and just wanted to share my way with others 🙂

      Thanks for your post,