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Creating of the Web Service from BAPI is very simple. By Default for all the Standard BAPI’s Web Services are defined. This procedure shows how to create web service from the custom BAPI.

Step – 1:

To Find the BAPI

Transaction Code – SE37 -> Enter Function Module Name -> Ex: – ZBAPI_ADVANCED_BPSEARCH -> It navigates to the below (fig – a) screen with all the details about that BAPI.


Fig – a:  Shows the Custom BAPI Detail

Step – 2:

Web Service Creation

Log on to the Object Navigator (Transaction Code – SE80) -> Enter the Function Group (It is there in the above fig – a.) in the Function Group Area.

 Fig – b:  Displays all the BAPI’s in that Function Group

Fig – b:  Displays all the BAPI’s in that Function Group

1) In Object name Window – it will show the Entered Function Group (fig – b).

2) Go to Function Modules -> Select Function Module -> Create the Web Service by Right Click on Function Module -> Create -> Web Service

3) It will take to Create Service Definition Window -> Continue (Over View) -> Give Service name (Ex: – ZAdvance_Search_BAPIService) and Short Text -> Continue (Create Service) -> Continue (Choose Endpoint) -> Continue.

4) Select the Check Box “Release Service for Runtime” (If you want Release the Service) -> Complete (Complete).

Note: – If “Release Service for Runtime” selects then it automatically Releases otherwise we have to do it manually.

Step – 3:

Assigning Package for the Web Service

 Fig – c:  Assigning Web Service to the package

Fig – c:  Assigning Web Service to the package


Mode is created. Access this Web Service in the normal Standard Web Service.

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  1. Former Member

    I’m trying to follow your weblog but I’m not getting Create-> Web Service option . Do I need to have some pre-requisites for this to happen?

    Which version of R/3 is been used. Is it possible to do the same on 4.6C or 4.7

  2. Former Member
    This is a great blog. In Visual Composer you have the problem, that you can only use webservices if you use webdynpro as compiler option. With this blog it’s now possible to use BAPIs and I think also RFCs  in Visual Composer under the webdynpro compiler.

    Thanks for this great blog.

    Best Regards,


    1. Former Member Post author
      Thanks Marcel, I have read your blogs on VC. They are wonderful and if possible write more on VC Controls like Charts, etc.


  3. Former Member
    I am trying to publish a standard BAPI or RFC as web service and it gives errors. Could you please detail how can we publish standard objects.
  4. But how can you consume the abap web service in WD as adaptive web service model with logical destination. To configure the logical destination we need either the wsil or wsdl. releasing the ABAP web service doesn’t really register/publish the service into the inspection.wsil, the link of the wsdl doesn’t really work as logical destination (in our case the link is: http://esmh0137.bss.cgi:8001/sap/bc/srt/rfc/sap/ZWS_TES_GET_WEEKS?sap-client=001&wsdl=1.1). While the link points to the wsdl file itself, logical destination expects something like http://esmh0137.bss.cgi:50100/AdobeDocumentServices/Config?wsdl which is not hte wsdl itself.
    So you have any idea about how abap web service works with webdynpro as adaptive web service model and with logical destination?



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