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SAP, Scripting languages and a Tool

SAP and ‘Scripting’? You might ask: What does it have to do with each other? In the past there was limited support from SAP for the ‘Scripting community’. This will change now. As one part of our activities to address the needs of the scripting community we have started to build an Eclipse-based tool to  • provide a framework for simplifying the access of SAP data for any kind of scripting language • as part of an architecture of participation (open source project) let the developer community extend the tool (e.g. writing connectors and code generators)  But what is new here? Is it just another tool in the SAP-Netweaver landscape? I’ll try to answer some of the basic questions…  What does the tool provide to a ‘Scripting’ developer?  • Repository-Browsers for common SAP backends (ESR, R/3 BAPIs, R/3 WebServices, SAP-XI, etc.). • Scriptcode generation to access SAP backend services and content including security features. • Plugin mechanism to allow the scripting community to develop their own plugins for other scripting languages. • Pluggable code generators allow the community to add further useful functionality (e.g form generator) • Eclipse based tool for simple integration into Eclipse based ‘Scripting-IDE’s’ (e.g. PHPEclipse) • Support for existing ‘Open Source’ SAP – Script language connectors (e.g. PHP-RFC)  Which scripting languages does the tool support?  • The first version of the scripting tool will provide some basic support for PHP, Ruby, Perl, Phyton. • The tool is open to support every script language.  Is the tool free?  • Yes, the tool is free.  Can I contribute to the tool and the tool development?  Yes, please! • The tool is currently available as a testing and evaluation version, but we will make the tool open source and available on a central place. • One major goal of the tool design is to make it extensible. So you can write your own extensions to all core funtionalities of the tool.  How do I get the tool?  • You can download it from SAP developer network download area -> Technology  How can I give feedback to the tool?  • There is a forum in the SAP developer network Scripting Languages  Every kind of feedback is welcome.  This is just a rough overview about the idea of the ‘SAP scripting tool’. We will continue with a series of more detailed articles describing how to use and to extend the tool.
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    • It’s just in the process of being uploaded. Please bear with us, it should be available soon.

      Thanks for this quick feedback. Since this is the initial presentation we’d love to hear some feedback about what you think about it and suggestions for improvements. Just tell us 🙂

      • Hehehe…I think I get over excited -:P …Of course you’re going to get a lot of my feedback…Just give a couple of days with this new tool -;)

        Thanks in the name of the “SDN Scripting Community”.



      • Yes, infact it is the dream coming true. I am glad to see SAP opening up the data for easy access.I just hope SAP can hook the non-ABAP developers to the SAP system before Microsoft’s Dynamics catches on.
  • hi,

    gave it a quick try and didn’t find what it’s all about. Installed it but didn’t find very much but a new view “SAP Scripting tools”, supposedly some kind of a web service browser. Tried it out (‘Import Data Source’) with several public and private web services, but it seems not to be able to fetch a WSDL over a proxy (and I didn’t find a configuration wizard to set a proxy).

    Probably some (even rudimentary) documentation on the ‘Scripting Tool’ would help the interested reader to get started.


    • downloaded a WSDL to the file system and tried to load this. it works. lets me navogate through the web service description an give an opportunity to create a ‘consumer’ script in PHP or Ruby.
      Looks good, and now let’s me specify a proxy. Unfortunately only proxy host and port but not ‘proxy_login’ and ‘proxy_password’, so I still can’t access a web service over my proxy.

      But hey, it’s a start! :-))

      • Glad you like it 🙂

        For importing the WSDL in the Tool the Eclipse-wide proxy setting is used. Go to Window / Preferences / Install&Update and activate your proxy here.

        For the generated script in PHP, setting a proxy is actually very simple: the PHP5 soapclient just needs  a few parameters in its option array – see – so just add this line in the generated file:

        $options[‘proxy_login’] = “user”; $options[‘proxy_password’] = “password”;

        of course I could add this line in the generator, but I didn’t want to make the configuration UI overly complex for just choosing whether to add a single line.

        But this tool is for you to use, so please tell me how you’d like to have it and we’ll consider this in the next version.

  • This is awesome. I will give this a spin tonight and let you know how it goes.

    One small thing you seem to be missing a photo and name at the top of this blog. Not something you have control over.

    Looking forward to trying this out.

  • Hello Frederic-Pascal –
    I’m assuming that you wrote the blog entry as the blog somehow seems to be missing the posters details  (seems somehow anonymised?).

    In this blog you mention support for existing OpenSource connectors, but in the Forums you talk about “We’re just right now working on BAPI-RFCs, both connectors and generators.” –
    Scripting Tool

    Can you clarify the goals of this Eclipse plugin, and explain how you envisage working with the existing developer community.  There are all sorts of questions that spring to mind, from interface stability (if the intention is to work with the exisitng OpenSource connector projects), to where the percieved value is in having essentially separate projects with seemingly very similar ambitions – if that indeed is your (as in SAPs) aim?


    Piers Harding.

    • Hi Pears,

      I (Frank Mittag) wrote the blog and actually I have no idea why my name is not visible (will talk to the SDN guys about it).
      It is quite clear that we are not going to implement Script-Language-To-RFC Connectors on our own, but support existing OpenSource connectors (e.g. those you did). Support means that we will provide sample code generators for such connectors. The community can modify or extend those generators or even write complete new onces. We will focus more on simplifying the access to SAP content and SAP-specific things like “How to call a BAPI with single sign on”. So everybody can take those metadata and create a tool/code generator for any language on top of it. The generated code depends at runtime on a dedicated connector, which is not provided by SAP itself, so every generator should document it’s runtime requirements very well.
      What does this all means more concrete for accessing BAPIs? The next tool version will be able to connect to R/3 systems to retreive BAPI-Metadata and provide them to “Generator plugins”. The generators can read the metadata and generate code for calling the BAPI from e.g. PHP or Ruby. Only the generator knows about the concrete supported runtime connector (e.g. PHP-RFC connector). The interesting question is here: Which metadata do you need? We think that it is not sufficient only to provide the interface metadata, but also to retreive interface documentation etc. Here we need your feedback about the needs of the community.


      • Hi Frank,

        Thank you for clarifying this.

        I am glad that you are interested in soliciting the opinion of the community.  May I suggest that a point in the forum is created specifically for this purpose (somewhere under scripting languages?) where the discussion can be kicked off, and everyone can contribute there?  A community project needs a place of focus for the community to gather around.


        Piers Harding.

        • I’m sorry for this misunderstanding. I used the term ‘connector’ as we referred to our internal plugins under this name, but meant the Java versions used in our tool, not in the scripts the tool generates.

          There is a forum for scripting in SDN, please feel free to post there about the Tool. Alvaro Tejada Galindo already created a thread, you can reply in his or create a new one. I’ll follow the tool-related threads in the scripting forum and help as good as I can.


  • Is this tool still being maintained? and more generally is there a support for within SAP for scripting languages ? Is this limited to Grails or is SAP still trying to be open?