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SDN Day, t-minus a few hours…

I’m here and I have to say – WOW! Never thought I could be in such awe at a place but Las Vegas is just WOW!  Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow at the SDN Day and then the rest of the week at the SDN Clubhouse!  Photos are already coming in from me, and others.  Last week at SAP Labs Palo Alto, the SDN Community team was hard at work making sure that last minute stuff was all taken care of. image Then today I arrived in Vegas and went straight to it, the whole team there making sure all the stuff is ready to go. image Don’t worry the Clubhouse will look much better in the morning, many thanks go out to Philippe, without his help we would not have made it – now it’s up to all of you to make the the most out of the SDN Day and the SDN Clubhouse!  Come help us make this the best one ever!
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  • Craig’s picture of the clubhouse is a work in progress :-).  If you look to the left you can also see the BPX pod shaping up next to the SDN welcome platform in the center of the photo.  Just imagine what this will be like with an amazing coffee urn churning out 300 cup capacities in the background, lots of SDN/TechEd/ BPX contributors and participants networking, exchanging info, learning.  We hope the BPX community will model SDN’s example.  Intel’s Business Architect, Cheryl Mascaro will be giving a BPX session in the mini theater and a number of BPX contributors have already promised to host some informal lounge chats.  We are really excited!  Tomorrow is the first ever SDN day and I am looking forward to putting faces to some of the top contributor names that grace these pages of the website.
  • Hi Craig, couldn’t agree more about your characterization of Vegas.

    The clubhouse looks good and the SDN day holds great promise.

    Now, if I only can keep myself from the gambling, I should be able to make it down to the Welcome-talk in the morning.

    See you soon.