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New UI and Site Index – The ABC’s of SDN and BPX

I love change. Innovation is one of those things that keeps me excited, engaged, and enthusiastic. Okay, I’ve got evangelist in my title now, so excuse all those “e’s”. But as much as I love change, I sometimes get the feeling I’m the last to notice changes.

Take our site for instance. Notice anything new?

How about the UI and the frame?

Well, of course, you might say. Marilyn had better notice that change, as the designated evangelist for the newly launched Business Process Expert Community.

So of course, I did visit all the updated Business Process Expert Community pages and viewed a number of expansions I was expecting, because the content strategist and editor of these pages, Audrey Weinland had shared the launch plans with our team. Take for example the left-hand navigation, where you will now begin to peruse the Business Process Cycle with its corresponding phases: Analyze, Design, Implement, Operate and Optimize.

There’s a whole new segment about Consumer Products from a Business Process Expert’s perspective introduced by Frauke Hoffman. And today, Craig Cmehil created a new blog topic category for Consumer Product blogs that contains a whole new set of blogs by a number of new bloggers about (what else?)…Consumer Products. There is a section about Skills and Education for a process expert.There’s also a Getting Started page for the BPX community that should be shaped and include more and more community-driven content and thought as the area matures.

But here’s the addition (change?) that I stumbled upon and it caught me by surprise(was I on vacation too long?):


On the upper-right hand side of the new UI, I found a Site Index.

Any one out there who joins me in seeing that for the first time and as a welcome addition and helpful content organization aid?

Not only did I find it useful to search for contents I knew existed but didn’t remember how to navigate to, but I also discovered a few gems there that I hadn’t know existed, or pages that have been revamped and I was delighted to discover by scanning alphabetically.

Yep. I love change.

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