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I Made SDN Day

Everyone joining us for the SDN Day will get a T-Shirt that reads: I made SDN Day. Unfortunately if you want to go to the Las Vegas one, it is sold out, and that even before Scoble linked to us.    (Hello from SDN to all the Scobleites. Look around you may find some really interesting stuff here 🙂

The I made SDN Day is meant in both ways, you made it there, which for many is quite a long trip. Today it has a new meaning for Las Vegas too as in you made it before  the event was sold out. By the way there was a long discussion in the office whether it shouldn’t read I made the SDN Day. I got overruled and yes English is not my first language, so the title is probably right.

One of the elements of Burning Man is celebrating participation, if you go to the Black Rock Desert, please make sure you have something to share with the community. They have now even a day dedicated to No Spectators.

We are taking that element from Burning Man and  the I made SDN Day is also meant as I do my little part to make SDN Day a success, by giving a session, being engaged in the conversations and just in general being attentive.

I am tempted to call what we are doing Half Conference, because it is half Unconference, with open sessions and networking in the beginning where we are getting new ideas for new sessions that we be held later in the day or even later in the week in the SDN Clubhouse during TechEd.

On the other hand we, or I should say I didn’t dare to keep it totally open as during BrainJam where you get to the event and their is just a whiteboard with a grid of all the rooms and the available time slots. Participants walk up to the board and suggest sessions that they feel passionate about. That is how the schedule of the day is created. (I like the BrainJam  tag line by the way: Jaiming on Knowledge like a group of Jazz Musicians).

No total free flow during the SDN Day. We solicited content and filled a lot of the sessions slots already  with things that SDNers want to share, but we left enough room for additional sessions as I said before during the SDN Day as well as in the SDN Clubhouse during TechEd.

Las Vegas the train has left the station, but for Amsterdam there are still a few spaces left, so come and make the SDN Day. Be sure to sign up before it is too late. (Bangalore is an invitation only event.)

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