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Make Business Process Innovation Happen

Business Process Expert: Make Business Process Innovation Happen

In this podcast dialogue and corresponding presentation Business Process Expert: Make Business Process Innovation Happen ,  Mark Yolton, VP SAP Community Network and Aiaz Kazi, VP SAP Solution Marketing NetWeaver Development Platform detail how the recognition of the Business Process Expert role evolved and contrast this persona to that of Enterprise Architect and Business Analyst.  Mark and Aiaz invite members of this emerging breed of professionals to join the newly launched Business Process Expert Community.

Summary and Excerpts From the Attached Presentation

The presentation explains how the community came to be and where it is headed.  It covers topics such as: what does business process matter, what is the community, how you can get involved and why we recognize the requirement for a business process expert.

Why Does Business Process Matter?

In today’s competitive marketplace, business agility is a key driver of strategic differentiation, and business process innovation is increasingly critical to business agility – moving faster, acting proactively, and reacting more effectively to market changes.

Business Agility is Key to Strategic Differentiation

Business Agility is the key driver for business process innovation.  The key to business agility is an enterprise SOA platform that provides the foundation for the next wave of improvement and innovation.  Some time ago, we began to see a shift in the questions our customers were asking of us.  They understood the value of having a services oriented architecture, and were starting to map out a plan to get there.  But how, they asked, could they consume those enterprise services in a way that was not only meaningful to their business, but in a way that would give them a competitive edge?

Through many conversations to better understand the situation, we realized that just as important as it is to know how to consume those services is knowing who in the organization has the expertise to do so.  Further, it isn’t any one person who can fulfill this need or a new type of person that has to be defined.  The “who” is actually a range of people already focused on how to move the business forward by continuous improvement of business processes – often disconnected from each other and lacking a place to share and learn best practices.

Players in Business Process Agility

Typically line of businesses and IT have a very narrow channel of communication that results in delays in getting new products and services rolled out to customers.  This also impacts the ability to make changes to existing products and services to maintain their competitive edge.   To increase business agility enterprises need to increase the channel of communication and the speed of change between business and IT.

Who is the Business Process Expert ?

Business process experts mix business and IT capabilities. They enable or directly initiate business process innovation. They do so rapidly – in real-time or near-real-time. And they operate by adapting, composing, and executing end-to-end business processes using best practices, composition software tools, and enterprise services. The business process expert provides the critical connection between business and IT, accelerating and amplifying the channel between them.

Recognizing the Business Process Expert and Providing a Collaboration Space

SAP is the first major player to recognize, embrace, and highlight the emerging role of the business process expert through an open community for collaboration and interaction. This new community – which lives side-by-side with the SAP Developer Network (SDN) – provides best practices captured from SAP customer engagements; configuration and optimization examples; tools that enable business process experts to adapt, compose, and execute real-time application innovations.  Members have access to deep expertise in the form of articles, how-to guides, and learning tools such as demos, plus discussion forums for quick problem solving, blogs where experts share opinions and comment on trends, a regular newsletter, and much more.  There are special events, sneak previews, exclusive downloads, ongoing learning and education, and other benefits of an active, robust community. No other vendor provides the rich combination of industry content, community, and composition tools to drive business process innovation.

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