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Guidelines for specifying Composite Applications are available!

Does the following situation sound familiar? You have just read yet another great article about the value drivers composite applications promise, such as flexibility, adaptability, or efficiency. You are so excited about the ideas behind composite applications that you would like to start using them immediately. You have many ideal use cases for your first composite in mind but you feel as if you are standing in front of an insurmountable wall: how do you set about specifying such a composite application? Which information is relevant to a composite’s specification? Is there a methodology or best practice available to follow? And now the answer is: yes, help is available! Published on SDN you will find the new paper “Guidelines for Specifying Composite Applications”. Get all the information you need for a successful first composite development project. Learn how to collect all the relevant details that make up a composite such as:

  • Business Objects
  • Business Processes and Roles
  • User Interfaces
  • Services
  • Exceptions

How this is achieved will be explained in great detail with the help of a real world example. These guidelines were derived from the analysis of composite application development projects of SAP and partners. Provide feedback and share your experience in upcoming discussions at SDN!

The target audience for this guideline are product managers who are in charge of designing new business applications and business experts responsible for optimizing business processes within their respective companies. Architects and developers will also benefit from it as they need to know in detail what their business clients expect from a proposed composite. The reader will be guided through a series of forms (download here) that have to be filled out in order to describe the composite in as much detail as possible. This approach guarantees that all the relevant data is collected in an organized fashion and made available to architects who, in turn, are responsible for identifying the right technology and design to implement the composite.

This guideline will be one of the hottest topics at this year’s TechEd. Within session CD201 (Composite Application Methodology: Specifying and Designing Composite Applications) a detailed discussion of the guideline and methodology will be offered. Join the session, meet and discuss with experts, and learn everything you need to know about the ins and outs of composite specification!

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