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SAP NetWeaver on Virtualized Hardware – SDN Day Session

I’ve been given 45 minutes at SDN Day to talk about SAP NetWeaver on Virtualized hardware. It’s a pretty big topic, so I plan to hit some highlights of how virtualization is currently being leveraged at SAP. I’d also like to hear how other people use it.  Here’s an overview, give me some feedback please.  Where is SAP virtually? Internal usage, support, direction   Rules, Rules, Rules? (are a good thing!) OS Versions and Patching Running Services Administration  Security! Many systems = many holes Physical security issues (where is that server?)  Performance? Sub-systems drive performance,  64-bit hosts and 64-bit guests  Why Virtualize?  Flexability / System Utilization / Agility / Interoperability / Testing / Validation / Support Platform / POC / Staging / Development / Deployment Server and Client Contexts  I look forward to an interactive and educational session!  Please note that the opinions expressed by ME are just that – my opinions. This is an unofficial “information” session only.
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