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SDN Day Sessions in Las Vegas (Update II)

Update II: Two more very interesting sessions added to the lineup.

XI- After Go-Live with Top SDN Contributor Krishna Moorthy P from Wipro
After the Go-Live of XI implemenation, it should be maintained.
I want to just share the experiecne of maintaining the XI systems in the production environment.
Responsibilites After Go-live:
1) Monitoring- Adapter, Component, Messages
2) any kind of communication errors
3) qRFC monitoring
4) Go-Live analysis etc.

WD-ABAP application accessing SAP’s logical infrastructure information with David Halitsky
In this session, I will outline a WD-ABAP application I’m currently developing that will give developers immediate on-line web access to at least three kinds of information about SAP’s logical infrastructure and how to program against it.  (Even the most experienced SAP developer can’t remember everything he or she has learned about the tricks of the SAP trade.) 

At many SAP customer sites, development is hampered by the unavailability of simple information about logical SAP infrastructure, not by the intrinsic complexity of this information. I think many developers and customers would pay for subscriptions to the proposed information store due to its on-line accessibility and exposure of useful information one can only learn at present through one’s professional “grapevine”.  And, since it would be a service built by the SDN community itself, any subscription income would of course be returned to SDN!

Update I: Couple of changes and additions to the SDN Day lineup at Las Vegas.

  • Great News: Matthias Zeller was able to secure James Ward one of Adobe’s Flex evangelists and technical experts to conduct the Creating Rich Internet Application UI’s using Adobe Flex and SAP ESA presentation at the SDN day
  • SAP xApp Analytics session text and presenter changed see further down.
  • All kinds of changes with the Scripting Sessions. One of the biggest is that Scripting Languages in action (Radrails) will be held by Ryan Lowe from Radrails. Excellent. Other changes see further down.
  • Marc Bernard also sent in a paragraph to his BI Accelerator – Details About the Hottest Appliance from SAP session.
  • One additional session: Process Optimization and Process Compliance are perfect candidates for Composite Applications with Top BPX contributor Andre Truong from Composite Consulting Inc.

All in all it is getting better every day.

Wow, we have 26 sessions confirmed for the SDN Day coming from all of us the SDN and BPX community. For Amsterdam and Bangalore there is still time to throw your hat into the ring. Deadline for these is the first of September.(Just fill out the form.)

You know already about the 6 hour SAP Discovery System during SDN Day where you get 3 full hands on exercises: 1. Using SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer to create an iView. 2.Using SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management to consolidate master data. 3. Using SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe with enterprise services.

From last year’s TechEd you may remember Matthias Zeller drawing crowds in the Clubhouse when he was talking about Adobe forms. He will do a two hour classroom session introducing Adobe Flex possibilities in an SAP world (Don’t forget your laptop):

Creating Rich Internet Application UI’s using Adobe Flex and SAP ESA

I would like to demonstrate how you can use Adobe Flex Builder to create very compelling and engaging User Interfaces in Flash which connect back to SAP applications using the SAP ESA.

He is not only presenting this very interesting workshop, but he also got Adobe to sponsor part of the event. Which we are endlessly grateful, we were able to afford the excellent band in the Hofbrauhaus that night. So be extra nice to him when you see him 🙂


Accepted regular sessions in the order of when we received them:

Custom development of Web Dynpro ESS applications using Floor Plan Manager with Harald Reiter

In this session we will take a look at the development approach taken for a SAP delivered Personal Information ESS application. Based on an existing service e.g. Personal Date we are going to create a custom service using Floor Plan Manager and ESS/per DC. We discuss pros and cons of following this development approach for custom services, issues encountered and limitations observed. This will also cover possible enhancements/adjustments of existing SAP delivered ESS applications that follow this approach. The session will also cover necessary back end configuration and development with a special focus on ABAP Objects class: CL_HRPA_CONVERT_… If there is interest then we can also discuss development of custom salary statement services following SAP’s provided report framework DC component.

5 Examples of Using Web Dynpro API with Amir Madani

The focus in this session is mostly on the following 5 subjects of Web Dynpro API :

  1. Client User object in Web Dynpro Application
  2. URL Generator and Window Manager
  3. Highlighting Form Fields
  4. Portal Navigation Service  
  5. Portal Eventing

I will show how the Web Dynpro API helps in developing a “ Chat Application ” with Web Dynpro. Besides, some other topics like “TimedTrigger UI Element”, “Creating Dynamic Actions”, and “Component Usage” will be discussed in this session.

BI Accelerator – Details About the Hottest Appliance from SAP with Marc Bernard from SAP
Learn how BI accelerator in SAP NetWeaver 2004s is able to radically improve query performance through sophisticated in-memory data compression and horizontal and vertical data partitioning, with near zero administrative overhead. This session will explain you the details behind the scenes of this very cool appliance brought to you by SAP. There will also be a sneak preview of future functionality.

Process Integration: Best Practices and Recommendations with Prasad Illapani from SAP

Performance Tips for Interactive Forms with Les Woolsey from Adobe

This session will focus on practical tips for creating Interactive Forms applications that perform well.  The session will cover forms design issues, system configuration, and performance checking tips.

Best Practices for designing interactive and print forms based on Adobe Software with Blair Powell from Adobe

Adobe Interactive Forms and Web Services with Mohan Bethur from Adobe

The usage of Adobe Interactive Forms within SAP has increased over the last couple of years. With increased usage, SAP and its customers want to have more features and integration capabilities to its backend data, one of the prominent features requested to communicate to the backend is to use Webservices. This session covers the following topics.
a. Brief introduction to Adobe LiveCycle Designer
b. Brief introduction to WebServices
c. Invoke WebServices in Adobe LiveCycle Designer by establishing data connection to a WSDL file. Demonstrate how to bind operations to a webservice.
d. What is not supported
e. Execute WebServices by way of script (Doc/Literal and RPC Encoding)
f. Demonstrate Samples.

Introduce guided procedures by discussing guided procedures and interactive forms with Ginger Gatling from SAP.
I will cover technical requirements and tips for getting started.

NetWeaver on Virtualized Hardware with Nicholas Holshouser from SAP.
This year, the SAP NetWeaver RIG in the Americas has been working with NetWeaver on virtualized hardware to better understand and leverage the benefits of virtualization technologies. With a small pool of physical hardware we’ve been able to build and test many different system configurations and operating scenarios using real SUSE Linux servers and virtual SUSE and Windows servers. In addition, we’ve made use of several downloadable virtual appliances to simplify deployment of various complementary applications.

Apache reverse proxy within a portal landscape with Pascal Adami from Panalpina.

SAP supports Scripting Languages with Andre Labahn from SAP.
This session will provide you with more insights on how SAP is supporting scripting languages.

ABAP Editor backport with the one and only Thomas Jung now with SAP 🙂
A little background on the ABAP Editor Backport. Description of what it is like to go from being a customer to being an SAP Employee. Finally a little sneak preview of some upcoming features in the ABAP Development area.

MDM Roundtable discussion with Thomas Jung from SAP
We focus on experiences with MDM and how current ERP Customers can leverage the power of MDM. There will be a Demo of the new ABAP APIs for MDM.

Web2.0 for enterprises: supply, demand and expectations with Sheldon Finkelstein from SAP Research

Next Generation ABAP Development with the other one and only Rich Heilman This round table session gives SDNers a chance to meet up and discuss the new tools and technologies related to ABAP Development; SDNers are invited to play an active role in this discussion. Questions, comments, tips’n tricks and real-world experiences are welcomed and encouraged.  Some small material will be prepared on each topic to spark the conversation. Joining him in sponsoring this session will be the other one and only Thomas Jung, SAP NetWeaver Product Manager. Main discussion topics will include but are not limited to:
Web Dynpro ABAP, Enhancement Framework, ALV Object Model, BSP, Enterprise Services.

Web printer for BW reports with Daniel McWeeney.
I would like to talk about the open source development we have begun to give out; It is the web printer for BW reports.  I would be willing to give a bit of talk about how we came to writing it, the algorithm it uses and even how we came to write the second version and release it to the public.  I will also talk about next steps in terms of how someone can use it at their company and things that could be added by the community at large.

Usage of Interactive Forms in SAP Applications with Juergen Hauser from Adobe.
This session will look at samples from SAP applications (like my SAP CRM, mySAP SRM or mySAP ERP) that make use of Interactive Forms. We will discuss why Interactive Forms were used for these business scenarios and attendees will learn to identify for which processes it makes sense to use Interactive Forms.

The Technical Side of ASUG with Karin Tillotson from Valero
ASUG is not just for functional users.  Come and learn about the technical communities within ASUG

SAP xApp Analytics: Value Proposition for Partners with Alessandra Carvalho Nunes from SAP
This session will showcase partner opportunities with SAP xApp Analytics.

Contributing to SDN and BPX – the Whole World is Watching with Scott Jones form SAP SDN Team
I’d like to do a session describing member opportunities to post beyond blogs and forums – articles, code samples, how-tos, media, and more. Points awarded, templates, tools, tips & tricks. This’d introduce the new submission system as well…

Developing a Presence on SDN or BPX with Scott Jones from SAP SDN Team
You have content.  You have (or would like to have) community. How can you bring that to SDN or BPX and make it grow? What are the hoops and hurdles? Real life examples, real ways forward…

Using ABAP Web Dynpro for Warehouse RF device transactions with Leonardo De Araujo
Web Dynpro offers a lot more options for interface designing than ABAP Dynpro / SAP Webconsole. This session will show a simple transaction designed using both solutions so we can easily compare them.

Scripting Languages in action (PHP) with Stoyan Stefanov from SAP
See how you can use PHP with SAP applications

Scripting Languages in action (Radrails) with Ryan Lowe from Radrails
See what RadRails is about and how it can make them more productive.

Scripting Languages Tool with John Astill from SAP
SAP will provide a open source tool to the scripting development community that is supporting the access to SAP Backend Systems via RFC/BAPIs and Webservices. See the concept and demo of the tool and discuss this with SAP Development

Reputation in Online Systems – Quo Vadis with yours truly Mark Finnern from SAP SDN Team
On SDN we have the crude point system to measure and reward contributions. Let’s discuss what else is out there and how we can improve the system to the benefit of the whole community.

Process Optimization and Process Compliance are perfect candidates for Composite Applications with Top BPX contributor Andre Truong from Composite Consulting Inc.

Wow, all these sessions and only one day to cover them. Most of them are not designed as lectures, but rather as discussions with some opening remarks/setting the stage and with a lively discussion to follow. I am really looking forward to it. There are very limited seats for the SDN Day still available. Sign up quick.

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