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I blogged about this cool edition to SAP TechEd a Connect at SAP TechEd with SAP TechEd Connect! and since then I’ve seen it really increase in usage and I’ve started receiving messages and such but to date I’ve had no meeting requests now this is either because I’m not a very interesting person or it’s simply because it’s not happening just yet.  I’ve also not seen a lot of increase in the joining of groups.


So folks which is it? What do you think of this tool? Are you using it?  Now I’m going to really push the limit here – the first 5 people to email me and send me a screen shot of a scheduled meeting will receive a special gift from me – in order to do receive your gift you must also set a meeting with me using the tool as well 😉 see and here you thought it was going to be easy. My user name is “craigcmehil” and the meeting with me does not count as the “at least one scheduled meeting”.

** Please note this is for Las Vegas AND Amsterdam. 

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      1. Marilyn Pratt
        Well, some use TechConnect, some direct emails, some blogs, and others phone 🙂
        Lucky us, we’ve snagged Natty.
        I’m looking forward to hosting Natty as a speaker at the BPX Knowledge Table.
        Natty will talk about EA/ARIS/BPX related interests.
        Which reminds me….
        There’s a TechConnect BPX Group Please join the BPXers at the lounge and in the conversation.
  1. Is there any “appropriate use” guidelines for TechED Connect.  I have received one meeting invite and it was a recruiter looking for people to join their SAP Practice.

    I didn’t know where else to post this question?

    Chris H.


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