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Calling all the Peruvian SDNers…

This a special call to all Peruvian SDNers who haven’t put them selfs in the SDN World Map created by Eddy de Clercq and Valery Silaev.

Also, it a call for all of you who has enter the SDN just to gather information without giving anything in return…Come on…You can be bloggers, you can answer questions in the forums…You can write articles…And be an active SDN member.

I know that it’s hard for a lot of because only English is aloud here…But…There’s always a work around…You can contact me Blag’s Bussines Card so I can help you in becoming an active member…although, I’m still learning myself, but I got a lot a great friends here, so the task is kinda easier.

You can find an alternate post on my personal blog (In Spanish) Llamando a todos los Peruanos del SDN.

So, the call have been made…Don’t be shy and start to post some comments -:)

As one friend said to me…”I want to rise my hands, and watch millions of abapers coming down the hills and from inside the forest”…Yeah…Some Lord of the Rings stuff…

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  • Hi,
    Thanks for promoting the SDN world. I hope that Peru will be in the top 10 of coountries. If small countries like Belgium can do it, I’m sure that Peru will succeed!