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Scripting Languages at SAP TechED US

Scripting Languages will be one of the key topics for the PTU Emerging Solutions and the SDN Team at the SDN Day SDN Day and SAP TechED Amsterdam.  With less than a week to go, I would like to give you an overview of our activities and announcements in the area of scripting languages. For those of you who did not  register for TechED yet, this is your last chance to sign up and meet us at the SDN Day and TechED conference!  We have 4 slots at the SDN Day and 6 slots in the SDN Clubhouse to talk about:  •     “SAP supports Scripting Languages” with Andre Labahn from SAP.  This session will provide you with more insights on how SAP is supporting scripting languages and how the community in SDN is set up.  •     “Scripting Languages in action (PHP)” with Stoyan Stefanov from SAP See how you can use PHP with SAP applications  •     “Scripting Languages in action (Radrails)” with Ryan Lowe from RadrailsSee what RadRails is about and how it can make you more productive.  •     “Scripting Languages Tool “with John Astill from SAP   SAP will provide a tool to the scripting development community that is supporting the access to SAP Backend Systems via RFC/BAPIs and Webservices. See the concept and demo of the tool and discuss this with us!  Furthermore we will show some demos for how to use scripting languages and SAP data.  Beside the fact that the Project Team for scripting languages is present, Ryan Lowe from Radrails and Stoyan Stefanov have decided to join the SDN Day and SDN Clubhouse during the Las Vegas TechED!  Some background info on RadRails and Ryan: For those of you familiar with the world of Ruby you are most certainly familiar with the popular RadRails plugin for Eclipse!  From,  RadRails is an integrated development environment for the Ruby on Rails framework. The goal of this project is to provide Rails developers with everything they need to develop, manage, test and deploy their applications. Features include source control, debugging, WEBrick servers, generator wizards, syntax highlighting, data tools and much much more.  The RadRails IDE is built on the Eclipse RCP, and includes the Subclipse plug-in and the RDT plug-ins. The RadRails tools are also available as Eclipse plug-ins.  A little background on Ryan:  I graduated from the University of Ottawa’s Software Engineering program in 2003.  In the past I worked mostly with Java and the Eclipse Rich Client Platform but I’ve been doing website work since 1996, including ASP, PHP and DHTML. I really liked what I saw in Ruby on Rails so I put Java aside and started working with Rails full time since May 2005.  Ryan joined the RadRails team in June 2006 to help the guys improve it and make it more stable. He started by writing some Ant build scripts and prepared a build machine. He has a software blog at A little background on Stoyan,  Stoyan is a Web developer from Montreal, Canada, Zend Certified Engineer and co-author of a book about phpbb . He likes to experiment with new web dev toys and talks about it on his personal weblog .  Others: So make sure you sign up for the SDN Day  so you have a chance to meet Ryan and Stoyan and the scripting project team from SAP to check out our sessions; then be sure to stop by the SDN Clubhouse during the rest of TechED where we can be found.  Scripting Languages and RadRails will be also be present at TechED  RadRails joins SDN Day and the SDN Clubhouse in Amsterdam! as well, so if you can not join us in Las Vegas, we are looking forward to meet you in Amsterdam.  Regards, André 
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  • That’s just great news Andre -:) I’m sure that Scripting Languages are going to be a great success on both SDN Day and SAP TechEd.
    I got a particular interest on knowing what level of support SAP is giving to the technologies -;)