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Changing Java bean Model Class in Web Dynpro

Many of us have been finding problems in using java bean model importer in Web Dynpro.Each time we change something in command bean, we have to delete the entire model and import the model again.This weblog explains how we can add new model classes to, delete or change existing model classes from the imported java bean model. Create a new Model class in the Model Add modified command bean jar to the class path & to the lib folder of your Web Dynpro project.  Create a new model class for the imported model with the same name and same package as provided in the command bean class.imageimage A model class in Web Dynpro contains properties and relations. Simple type variables in the command bean class are classfied as properties in the model class. Class type variables in the command bean class are classified as relations in the model class. image  For every simple type variable present in the command bean class, we have to add a new property to the model class with the same name & same type as in the command bean class. image Create model relation for class type variable. image In the same way you can add new model class properties & relations to existing model class.
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  • hi Mona,

    Can u plz describe me in detail that how u able to import the jar file of command bean which also has helper class and comman bean class and then how do u able to manupulate that data in “model relation view”…??
    I m waiting for ur reply as i m also doing a poject based on javaBean Model..


    • With SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio
      Version: 2.0.14 you have option of importing more than one jars to your Web Dynpro project.
      Specify jar dependency for Command bean jar as “Deploy time” and for helper class jar as “Design Time”.Then all the classes from command bean jar as well as helper class jar will be available for import.