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Thanks a (half) Million!

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  • Looking at Eddy’s map I see a homogeneous distribution across many parts of the world but did any one recognize that, looking at the U.S., there’s a noticeable lack of SDNers along the so-called bible belt?

    Do people there maybe know something that SDNers are not aware of? That we are lost? Lost to an interest in a specific technology, devil’s work?

    Well, I wouldn’t care. Like to hang out here and benefit a lot from it.

    Thx SDN for your great work. Thx for creating communities around the until then somewhat sterile SAP realms. Congratulations to your achievments. And don’t spend all your bonuses at once!

    anton :-))

    • Speaking of bonuses, no … that was just a joke, what I wanted to say was thank you Mark!

      For those of you who are not aware Mark Yolton, joined the SDN team not too long ago had has done a fantastic job leading our team to these new great heights!

      He will be attending not only the SDN Day but also be at the SDN Clubhouse, he’s an amazing person and one that is interesting to speak with, if there are only a few people you can meet at TechEd or the SDN Day I would defintely recommend adding him and Mark Finnern to the top of your list!!


      • While I appreciate Craig’s endorsement, I’m afraid that now you’ll be disappointed when we actually meet at SDN Day or at the SDN Clubhouse in Las Vegas, Amsterdam, or Bangalore.  Don’t have too-high expectations.  But I am interested to meet you when you attend TechEd, so please find me in the crowd. 

        You are all coming to SDN Day and TechEd, right?  The TechEd program is extraordinary this year, with more SDNer sessions (those presented by SDN members) than ever before.  SAP product managers and RIG and other experts will be all over the place, so you can get answers to burning questions, or make the case for your favorite next product feature.  SDN Day will be terrific — we have so much good stuff to share that there will be 4 or 5 parallel tracks in Las Vegas during this one day.  The SDN Clubhouse will be huge and buzzing with activity and energy — and the place to be, when you’re not at a keynote (Shai Agassi!) or educational session.  See you there for the event of the year.

        • Coming to a healthy, working organism, and continuing to nurture and ensure its growth is one type of success, but don’t forget that it was under Mark Yolton’s watch that we provided a sneak preview of the Business Process Expert Community,
          and there will be myriad activities around that BPX community at TechEd ‘06.  There is even a special Business Process Expert Community track with sessions geared to this emerging role like: Composite Application Modeling for Business Process Experts  with an SDN/BPX member,  Ginger Gatling presenting.

          And we have 30,000 participants and growing in this new Community and we haven’t even officially launched! 
          In fact, Mark Yolton, will host a limited seating BPX Breakfast at TechEd Las Vegas that was sold out within 24 hours of invitation posting.  So, if you don’t have the opportunity to meet with him at the breakfast, come to the BPX pod, introduce yourself, and I am sure you’ll get the chance to meet some of our team there.  Rumor has it that Mark Yolton will be in the Bangalore TechEd  and I hope to be there and meet community as well!


          • This is just awesome…The community is growing every day -:) But as I said before…How many Peruvian SDN members are??? according to Eddy’s map…Just me -:P Makes me feel kinda alone…Still…I making my biggest effort to change that.



          • Hi Blag… 

            Actually there are about 1,000 Peruvian members of SDN, so Eddy’s map look like you’re alone, but you don’t need to feel so alone. 

            A good goal for all of us would be to encourage  them to become more visible (active contributors to forums, blogs, authoring articles, and sharing their challenges and expertise with others) so you can connect with and mentor them on how to participate on — and get more value from — SDN. 


            Mark Yolton

          • Thanx for your comments Mark -:) Now I feel better -;) And don’t worry…I giving my best efforts to archived the goal…Make them more active…Actually…I think that I can blog about it, calling all the Peruvian SDN Members to contact with me…So I can help them to contribute to the community -:)



          • SDNers in Peru unite!  If you’ll contact Blag (see the link to his business card and email above his post), he’ll get you rallied to become top contributors and more visible on SDN. 
    • Thanks for your comment, Anton.  While an interesting theory, I think member distribution within the U.S. and in specific countries has to do with population density and business types in certain areas vs. others.  That plays a big role in the pie chart up above of “member distribution by country” … the smaller countries (by population or by business maturity) don’t show up in that chart, but they do show up when we look at all 200+ countries.  Interesting and maybe related side note as a bonus item since you asked: “Vatican City” is counted as one of those 200+ countries with SDN members! 
  • Brilliant result and I am blinded by the stats but are these 500K individuals or 500K SDN accounts as I know more than a few people with two. One that links with a certificate to an S id provided by a company and one that is a ‘personal’ account.

    Have these duplications been factored out in the stats?

    (Really great work by the way. I love the site and  it just keeps getting better. The passion of Mark, Craig, Marilyn and others really shows through.)