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Installing DB Connect with MSSQL Server Database

Steps in Installing and Achieving Database connectivity




Install DBSL

Step 2: Install the MS SQL Client on the Application Server.
Advised to Install the MS Client on Mixed Mode (Windows User and SQL user)
After the Installation of the Client, we can check the Database connection from the
Application Server by starting the SQL client and trying to connect the Target Database.
This helps to know that the network is clear and fine.

Step 3: Create a USER in MSSQL Server with “DDL_ADMIN “as the Role.
This gives the user rights to create tables and views.

Step 4: Create a view on the top of Tables to be extracted (use the newly created SQL User).The Columns Names should be kept CAPITAL



Database Schema

Step 5: Create Source System for MS SQL Server





Source System Creation


Step 6: Create Data Source:

a) Right Click on the created SQL Source System and select Database Tables


b) Select the Created View and Edit Data source


c) The extractor check is done by displaying Table contents.

d) Generate the Data Source


Here we get the Data Source in place. Now the rest is create a data flow and extract the data.

Note: BW 3.5 is taken as the reference system

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  • This one is good

    But i have diffrent problem regarding this

    Current i am new in SAP
    and in past i  am working on .Net and MS-SQL server -2000
    this is our current system

    now in my company SAP comes and i Have to do job for develope Interface between ms-sql -2000 and R/3 sever databse

    so i can put data from ms-sql server (one table) to R/3 server (one of the table) visa versa

    so how can i do

    i dont know how can i start

    pls help me
    or mail me “