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Attention SAP TechEd ’06 POD Shoppers

Attention SAP TechEd ’06 POD Shoppers

Can’t you feel it? Can’t you smell it? Can’t you hear it?

Something is in the air for this event. What could it be? Something is different about the SAP POD staff and the news is buzzing in our heads. SAP POD staffers have new shirts!!! Really, we do. There is a catch though… Nobody will tell me what these shirts look like. There is almost an AREA 51 like air about keeping this a gigantic mystery.

Now I have heard rumors that the shirts will be of a navy blue color. I have also been told that we have a choice of pants color that we can wear also. Not only can we wear BUSBOY black but we can also now wear KHAKI. Since I cannot get a good handle as to what our new shirts will look like this year for our POD staffing activities I have taken the time to work out some possible examples via my trusty old PHOTOSHOP software.

During the rest of this blog entry I will talk about the SAP TechEd ’06 PODs and some of the things that you will be able to see during this year’s event at these said PODs. I will also include next to each POD description a possible example of what I think our new shirts might look like. Now then, keep in mind that these shirts are not the real shirts (I hope) they are just examples of what my wandering mind has come up with over the last few weeks. They are also meant to be humorous so please… Please… keep an open mind and smile a little.

image I think that initially my interest was peaked when we received an email asking for our sizes. What took me back was this picture of some guy in a body suit (displayed on the left).

I thought “Oh No” we are going to do some weird Mummenschanz (they were BlueMan Group before there was BlueMan Group) like character act at the PODs where we will all have to act out the SAP NetWeaver IT Scenarios for each question asked to us.

As I read on I realized that I really only needed to supply my shirt size. As you can possibly imagine this was a major relief to me! However there was a part of me that realized that acting out “Transports between Systems/Scenarios” could be rather amusing in the said displayed outfit.

So then, let’s highlight a few PODs that you just might want to stop by and check out while surfing the SAP TechEd ’06 event floor.
SAP Solution POD #5

SAP Software Interoperability with Open Source Software and Standards Support

SAP software runs in enterprise software environments that often contain open source software such as Linux, MaxDB, Eclipse, Mozilla Firefox,, and more. Learn how to benefit from the increased flexibility offered with SAP software through interoperability and standards support.

Open standards help you leverage existing investments in other middleware infrastructures, such as IBM and Microsoft, while taking advantage of the benefits and lower total cost of ownership delivered by SAP NetWeaver.

image SAP Solution POD #6

Custom Development: Using Tools from SAP for Java and ABAP Development

See how the developer platform for SAP software facilitates both Java and ABAP development.

Learn how to to create service-based applications including those that use SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe.

This session also discusses the development infrastructure of SAP NetWeaver, which offers support at each stage of the software development life cycle.

SAP Solution POD #13

SAP NetWeaver: The Foundation for Enterprise SOA

Learn how SAP NetWeaver, the foundation for enterprise SOA, and applications powered by SAP NetWeaver can help you build a next generation business process platform.

SAP NetWeaver offers preintegrated standards-based functionalities for unifying master data, deploying integrated end-to-end processes, analyzing and managing business information, and driving increased user productivity and collaboration.

SAP NetWeaver gives administrators comprehensive implementation and operation tools. In addition, it provides developers and business analysts with powerful new tools that leverage enterprise services to compose applications that can best suit the individual-user experience.

image SAP Solution POD #17

User Experience and User Productivity

People work in different ways and their unique styles demand many user options.

See the latest technologies from SAP that enhance user experience including advances in portal, mobile, voice recognition, and smart-client functionality.

Preview the new enterprise-search solution, learn about Duet(tm) software, and see how these technologies work together in an integrated way for user productivity.

For a complete listing of all of the SAP Solution Pods at the SDN Clubhouse please visit the listing on theSAP TechEd ’06 website
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