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Hello everyone. In the development of an integration scenario, no matter what tool is used, we can expect to spend as much as 95% of the time in doing mapping and transformations. Consequently, it is crucial that we understand the mapping tool being used.

XI provides its own mapping tool, Message Mapping, in addition to allowing us to use standards such as XSLT and Java. As a GUI tool, simple mappings using the Message Mapping tool are very easy to accomplish. However, with more complex mapping and transformations, a deeper understanding of the tool will be necessary.


The EPI351 hands-on session will discuss the more advanced features and functions of the Message Mapping tool. We will get under the hood to see how the elements are being represented internally, therefore, allowing us to manipulate the contents during transformation. Once understood, there is literally nothing that cannot be done using this tool.

We will discuss the concept of queues and contexts, which represents the XML structures during transformation. We will look at the standard functions that work with those queues and contexts. We will also discuss the debugging and testing features of the mapping tool.

Session Detail

The hands-on session consists of a brief lecture consisting mainly of the concept of queues and contexts with some of the related standard functions, and 2 exercises.

One exercise will deal with developing a mapping program using functions relating to queues and contexts.

The 2nd exercise will be a debugging exercise. You will be presented with a completed mapping, but not exactly correct (does not produce the right transformation) and with errors. Using the debugging tool of Message Mapping, you will find and correct the problem(s).

With the 2 different types of exercises, we hope to give everyone a taste of both development and maintenance of mapping programs.

I hope see you all there.

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