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  1. Former Member

    Infact, We have Planned to Create the BSP Application for Giving the Functionality of Substitution For the Workflows to the Users as the Standard UWL will not Allow the Managing SUbstitutions for WAS 6.20

    In this Application, I need to Apply All the Data Validation and Also the Defaulting of the Values.

    This Document Will Help me To Achieve My Requirements.

    Thanks For the Nice Article.


  2. Former Member
    After realizing all steps explained in the weblog neither the labels were displayed nor any value have been shown in the dropdown listbox for the Airline Carrier ID.
    The first problem was due to a program error (I am working in a system with Basis Component support package SAPKB62050). Applying note no. 828971 this problem was solved.
    In order to solve the second one the BSP input field has to refer to a help searcher which supplies the values to be displayed. Two steps were necessary to realize this:
    – the creation of a data element ZSDN_CARRID 
      which refers to the standard domain S_CARR_ID
      and assigned the SAP standard search helper
      H_SCARR to the data element.
    – in structure ZSDN_MODEL_BINDING the component
      CARRID instead of referring to component type 
      S_CARR_ID has to refer to this new component
      type ZSDN_CARRID.   
  3. Former Member
    Interesting article.However it seems that the link to the PDF document at the beginning is not working (“404 – not available”).
    Can you check this?
    1. Sergio Ferrari Post author
      Link repaired.
      It’s a link to an sdn article (it seems that the sdn url has been changed).
      In any case you can find it searching in the SDN library
  4. John Patterson
    Last week i was having a discussion with colleagues on the merits of model binding, lost for words i said it made things easier and enforces separation of concerns. Without any simple examples at hand i wasnt able to get the point across.

    You make a stronger argument than i could have and the code backs this up nicely.



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