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Disclaimer: this blog expresses personal opinions from the author and does not represent official SAP positions. AJAX, or Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, is a web development technique (based on XMLHttpRequest) to create interactive web applications. With AJAX, the entire web page does not need to be reloaded each time the user makes a change, only necessary data are exchanged between your browser and the web server. In particular, web services (SOAP over HTTP as the communication protocol) can be used to exchange data in AJAX style between browsers and web servers. There are many AJAX tools supporting SOAP or you can find Javascript SOAP client libraries online.   Chances are that you have already built some fully functional AJAX applications utilizing Web Services. Now you want to enable your application to run on SAP NetWeaver. I want to show you how easy this can be done using Visual Composer even if your AJAX application is totally non-SAP.  SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer is a model-driven tool that enables business experts to easily create applications which can be used in SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Portal. The following are the steps:  1.     Create a Visual Composer model in the VC Storyboard. 2.     Drag a single HTML View component to the VC Design Canvas; type the URL that launches your AJAX application in the Default URL field. 3.     Compile, deploy the model and launch!  Now you’ve got a fully functional application that runs in SAP Enterprise Portal in just a few minutes. Your application will interact with the backend application via Web Services in a Visual Composer iView. image  To qualify as a composite application, this “new” application running in SAP EP should define a business process that solves meaningful business problems. Specifically, user interactions that carry the business process from start to finish should trigger data changes in the backend applications it interacts with via Web Services.  To make the above approach more interesting (and practically useful), let’s say you want to build a composite application that integrates your AJAX application with SAP applications. For instance, you want to build an analytical application that retrieves data from SAP ERP and passes the retrieved data to your AJAX application for data cleansing and analysis. This can also be easily done by extending the previous approach using Visual Composer. imageSummary In this blog I explained how easy it was to build composite applications using Visual Composer with AJAX at a conceptual level. This approach allows non-SAP developers to develop their own AJAX applications and incorporate these applications easily into SAP NetWeaver platform and build composites using Visual Composer.   However, URL linking to existing AJAX applications is neither creative nor interesting in creating innovative applications on the SAP applistructure in my opinion. We should all think about how SAP tools (including Visual Composer used in this blog) can interact with AJAX applications so that there is greater flexibility (and depth) to work with them than simple URL linking.  A final note on certification of composite applications: you should check with the SAP ICC for official answers on your solutions aimed for certification.
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