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Last year I wrote “And the winners are …”  when I posted the Top Contributor List for 2005. We all are a year older and may be even a bit wiser now. These are no winners. There was no chance at play. Hard work, blood, sweat and tears is needed for you to make the Top Contributor list.  (Of course there are exceptions, like the third place on SDN General got there more or less leisurely.)


Thomas Jung last year was number one with 10182 points. This year Edwin Harpino (A.H.P.) clocked in at 20856 more than double last year’s number. Consider in addition that  last year’s cut off date was September 16th and this year it was July 28th that is 6 weeks earlier. Wow, the bar is set higher.


Here are the best of the best:


Top Contributor SDN Overall


Last year’s number 8 and 9 respectively have been motivated enough to contribute even more and move up to spot 2 and 3 of the overall list. And the rising star of SDN 2006 for a very long time only known as A.H.P.: Edwin Harpino. All three are doing amazing stuff mainly in the forums. No doubt SDN wouldn’t be the same without you three. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The beauty is all three of them will be at the SDN Day as well as at SAP TechEd in Las Vegas.     


1 Edwin Harpino A.H.P 20856


2 Rich Heilman 17229


3 Bhanu Gupta 12633




Top Contributor Development Areas


ABAP The stomping ground for Rich, Vija and Ravikumar.


1 Rich Heilman ABAP 14600


2 Vija Babu Dudla ABAP 10208


3 Ravikumar Allampallam ABAP 7010




Business Intelligence This is where Edwin rose to be a star as well as Bhanu and Dinesh are super active.


1 Edwin Harpino A.H.P BI 20502


2 Bhanu Gupta BI 12470


3 Dinesh Lalchand BI 6934




SAP Business One I like that we separate Business One from the rest of development, as total other skills are needed and tools are used. If you have questions the chance is good that Ibai, Adele or Louis will help you out in the forums.


1 Ibai Peña Business One 1718


2 Adele le Roux Business One 1626


3 Louis De Gouveia Business One 1466




Business Process Expert Very young up and coming community. Andrea, Charlie and Anirban are early adopters. Congratulations. It  makes me especially happy as Andre and I once worked in the same team.


1 Andre Truong BPX 776


2 Charlie MacMaster BPX 512


3 Anirban Kundu BPX 486




SAP  Business Solutions I was convinced that the first three would all come from the very active CRM forum, after all it got a head start to the other forums, but Christophe proofed me wrong by collecting almost all of his points in the SRM Forum. Excellent. HCM and ERP is very active too.


1 Christophe Denysiak Business Solutions 2858


2 Gregor Wolf Business Solutions 1858


3 Amit Mishra Business Solutions 1698




Database and OS Platform A very young and  very promising area on SDN. Congratulations Johannes, Roland and Victor. Next year it will be a lot harder to top this category.


1 Johannes Heinrich Database and OS Platform 300


2 Roland Mallmann Database and OS Platform 212


3 Victor Lin Database and OS Platform 150




SAP Enterprise Portal Daniel Wroblewski always active, so I am happy to see this activity paying off  with spot number one here. Detlev has less points than last year, hop it isn’t something that we did or said, but rather he is taking a breather to focus more on his family or his day job.


1 Daniel Wroblewski Enterprise Portal 4674


2 Detlev Beutner Enterprise Portal 3468


3 Piyush Kumar Enterprise Portal 1812




Enterprise Service Architecture That was a close call Andre. One very good answer in the forums  (6 points) versus good answer (2 points) made the difference.


1 Andre Truong ESA 812


2 Kartik Iyengar ESA 810


3 Sindhu Gangadharan ESA 610




Exchange Infrastructure I have not expected any differently. Mister XI Michal Krawczyk who’s XI FAQ blog post is still the most viewed post on SDN. Followed by very active Krishna and Bhavesh. Thanks to all three of you.


1 Michal Krawczyk Exchange Infrastructure 7604


2 Krishna Moorthy P Exchange Infrastructure 4828


3 Bhavesh Kantilal Exchange Infrastructure 3162




Knowledge Management I guess here in the KM area is where Detlev spent more time versus the portal forum this year. Congratulations.


1 Detlev Beutner Knowledge Management 2064


2 Patricio Garcia Knowledge Management 1212


3 Robert Briese Knowledge Management 1148




SAP Master Data Management This is a relatively new module, but with a lot of potential. I am convinced this one will go through the roof in 2007. Thank you Claus, Paul and Anand for creating community.


1 Claus Diergardt MDM 1800


2 Paul Weinberg MDM 1440


3 Anand Chandrashekar MDM 940




SAP Mobile Infrastructure It took me a while to find the top contributor because it turns out that Jo Gel Santiago has switched: From being an SAP employee to working for Cisco. (Hint for every developer out there, don’t put intelligence into your user-IDs). We have now merged the points of his old with his new user and now he has over 2000 points. May be now the T-shirt delivery will work out for him.


1 Jo Gel Santiago Mobile Infrastructure 1634


2 Rahul Gavande Mobile Infrastructure 990


3 Kishor Gopinathan Mobile Infrastructure 953




SAP NetWeaver Platform Ginger and Nicholas sharing top spot in the general NetWeaver category. I hear Ginger has 20 hours of lecture and hands on sessions at TechEd and is also doing a session at the SDN Day.


1 Ginger Gatling NetWeaver Platform 1250


2 Nicholas Holshouser NetWeaver Platform 1250


3 Venky Varadadesigan NetWeaver Platform 1140




Scripting Languages The first three very close together, and Craig is really spearheading this initiative at SAP with Anton and Vasil not too far behind. The only one missing in this list for me is Piers Harding.


1 Craig Cmehil Scripting Languages 1260


2 Anton Wenzelhuemer Scripting Languages 1132


3 Vasil Bachvarov Scripting Languages 1120




SAP Security A super important and way to often neglected developer topic. Congratulations to Kristian, Gerlinde and Melanie.


1 Kristian Lehment Security 1120


2 Gerlinde Zibulski Security 660


3 Melanie Handreck Security 500




SAP Technologies Eddy did the amazing SDN World Map mashing SDN Business card with locations on a world map. Well deserved Eddy, well deserved.


1 Eddy De Clercq Technologies 1774


2 Wolfgang Hegmann Technologies 1000


3 Pascal Willemsen Technologies 910




Web Application Server Durairaj aced out two very prolific contributors Thomas and Eddy. Excellent job Durairaj.


1 Durairaj Athavan Raja Web Application Server 3904


2 Thomas Jung Web Application Server 2688


3 Eddy De Clercq Web Application Server 2234




Web Dynpro Also a very popular theme. Congratulations Valery, Thomas Jung was close behind, but you toped him by more than 200 points.


1 Valery Silaev Web Dynpro 3258


2 Thomas Jung Web Dynpro 3036


3 Bertram Ganz Web Dynpro 1980




Web Services Wow only 60 points the equivalent of an average Weblog  is making the difference between first and third place.


1 Umit Yalcinalp Web Services 540


2 Susanne Rothaug Web Services 500


3 Martin Raepple Web Services 490




SAP xApps There is so much more to talk about in the xApps area. May be 2007 is the year it really kicks in. Thanks to Kartik for flying the xApps flag.


1 Kartik Iyengar SAP xApps 780


2 Bimal Mehta SAP xApps 302


3 Guillaume Garcia SAP xApps 266




SAP General I am just super happy having Craig on board to energize the SDN community and it shows in how many points he has here. Remember the SDN Team never gets more than 40 points for a blog post.


1 Craig Cmehil SDN General 4271


2 Eddy de Clercq SDN General 2433


3 Mark Finnern SDN General 2303


Once in a while I a wear the SDN General pin from last year around the SAP Campus. Colleagues look at it and say: “So you are the SDN General? How many stars do you have?” And I have to say: “No that is only a category on SDN where the points for general SDN topics that do not fit anywhere else are collected.”


Of course I also love that Eddy is so passionate about SDN that he is in front of me this year. Great job Eddy and so deserved.


All of the above will get pins for their accomplishments and gift certificates to the SAP shop. If you are coming to TechEd please pick yours up at the SDN Clubhouse. We also want to bring you all on stage for a group picture during Demo Jam. Will let you know about the details.


Many good contributors to SDN are not on this list. We try to measure and award according to the effort that SDNers have put into their contributions and the benefit for the SDN and now BPX community derived from these contributions. Of course even with our best effort  things fall through the cracks, people try to game the system … Please let us know if there are unsung SDN heroes that have done exceptional things on SDN, but didn’t make the list. No system is perfect and we are open to suggestions on how to recognize and reward fairly all contributions here. Please post these either to this Weblog or the SCN Support.

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  1. Former Member
    What can I say…This have been a great year for the SDN…A lot of excelent blogs have been written, new forums have been created, we discover who A.H.P was,  and of course, we all have learn a lot -:)

    As I always said, I’m so proud to be a part of the SDN and more proud of being a SDN Scripting Community Member.

    A big congratulation to all the winners, and please keep helping us in making this a better place to browse, meet people and share knowledge.



  2. Former Member
    Way to go all of you for bagging the top slots! I am both happy & proud to be part of the SDN community..  hoping to meet some of you in Vegas..
    ~Suresh Datti
  3. Former Member
    Every time I think aout that, I’m left speechless. If you average 10 points by answer that means you provided an 1,000 excellent answers. Wow! that’s amazing especially in light of the competitive point racing in these categories. Just thinking about the sheer amount of time, effort and knowledge to get there, it’s a least for me mind boggling.

    The top 10 contributors of SDN surely had to work hard to get there. I’m simply amazed. What a fantastic pool of great individuals in this vast community of SAP experts!

  4. Former Member
    Congratulations to all of the winners in the “Top SDN Contributors” categories!  

    The people in Mark’s list (above) are the heart and soul of SDN.  They contribute their time, energy, expertise, past experiences.  They help newbies get up to speed, and then push and prod them to accelerate and then become experts (someday helping others).  They work behind the scenes to mediate issues, disputes, and problems.  They make suggestions and recommendations — and their perspectives carry more weight, due to their dedication and history of serving the community with good intentions.  They make SDN a real, global community of experts who gladly share their brilliance with others. 

    They bring a buzz to SDN: the undercurrent of activity, and a strong passion for technology, SAP, and the SDN community. 

    These are our heroes and role-models.  I look forward to seeing you at “SDN Day” and at our Clubhouse at TechEd in Las Vegas, Amsterdam, and Bangalore.  Please be sure to say hello. 

    Thank you, again, top contributors. 

    (And thank you to those who aspire to take home the recognition next year at TechEd… those who got close, or who are ramping-up for the months ahead… you’re the future.  And you keep pushing the rest of the community to do better and better each year.) 

    Let’s also thank Mark Finnern, Craig Cmehil, and Marilyn Pratt, for managing this crazy, unruly, multi-talented, outspoken, expert, smart, opinionated, brilliant, passionate community of experts to exceed last year’s performance with wildly better value to the community this year.  More forums, more topics, more threads, with questions answered faster and better, happy community members, and all the rest.  Great team.

    See you all in Vegas (don’t miss it!),

    Mark Yolton

    1. Mark Finnern Post author
      Hi Sravya,
      I checked the statistics, actually we did screen shots on that day and on the 28th of July you were #4 with 2664 points. I am truly sorry that you are on the unfortunate 4th place this year. Still quite an accomplishment and in most other areas you would have been in the ranks. For example you would have aced me out in the SDN General category.
      Thanks for all your contributions, Mark.
  5. Former Member
    People giving over 1000 good answers a year surprise me as well… .

    Although I highly appriciate all contributions I wonder when these people actually work.

    Let’s assume that one is posting 1000 answers a year and that they’re all good.

    If he works 200 days a year that’s 5 answers a day. 

    I can’t imagine myself giving 5 answers each day (especially in times of go-lives etc.) but I do appriciate the people finding time to do this.

    Good luck to all of you and thanx to all sdn-ers for their contributions.

    1. Former Member
      5 answers a day only if you assume maximum efficiency, that is 10 points per each and every answer you give.
      if you take the ‘competition’ in some forums into account, where answers are fired within a minute of the question, you also have to be very fast and never be away from your computer.

      I don’t understand it either but obviously it’s happening (maybe some have it already automated, using something like that good old lisa program ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

      Congratulations & Thanks to those stars!

  6. Former Member
    Congratulations for all the winners.

    I appreciate SAP recognizing all the top performers like this.

    Hopefully this will be a big motivation for everyone to help newbee’s like me on these forums.

  7. Mark Finnern Post author
    Hi SDNers,

    Ron asked me to delete his posts. He wrote: “… it’s a good dialogue, but probably one left best to a venue like the bar in Vegas and not a response to a blog honoring some hard workers …”

    He is taking a week vacation, which he said he really needs. He will not be at the SDN Day unfortunately, but will be at TechEd in Vegas.

    Give him some slack if you meet him. His posts proofed that even SAP Moderators can have a bad day. Let’s continue the dialog on how to improve the SDN reward system.

    See you in Vegas, Mark.

  8. Pablo Casamayor
    definition of will: “will is that capability that makes us do something anticipating the consequences, will is determination, firmness in our purposes and goals, not allowing to be let down by difficulties knowing that all great achievements man has done is the result of effort and sacrifice”.
    If i just consider the amount of effort needed to make this community run i just have one word left: THANK YOU.
    I reckon and admire the wondeful work of the members of this community.

    Best regards.

  9. Former Member
    Thanks Folks! With your help I am also getting to point where I have also started Contributing. Sharing knowledge is the greatest deeds of all. I have also started contributing with what little I know.



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