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In this final  (Retraction Series) weblog I would like to give an idea on how to retract BPS data back to R/3 when there is no standard retractor available

Necessity: What if

  • there’s no standard retractor
  • you cannot make retractor work due to design complexities

So, whats the answer?…..its simple.

  • find the relavant BAPI thats responsible for posting the values in R/3
  • Read the records from cube
  • call the BAPI and pass reqd values to BAPI from BW system

BAPI’s for COSTCENTER Accounting

  • BAPI_COSTACTPLN_POSTPRIMCOST – For posting Primary Cost & Quantity
  • BAPI_COSTACTPLN_POSTACTOUTPUT – For posting Activities & Prices

How to Read data from Cube

  1. Call function module ‘RSDRI_INFOPROV_READ’ to read the data from cube
  2. For more help and info on how to read the cube then see the program ‘RSDRI_INFOPROV_READ_DEMO

Sample Code

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      1. Hello PRaveen,

        We are planning to implement PCA retraction. I am trying to find the BAPI that posts the profit center values in R/3? Could you give any suggestion?


  1. Hi. I need to retract planning data from BPS to a LIS, but I don’t have CO-PA activated in R/3.
    How can I find a BAPI that helps me to get this data into a LIS in R/3?

    Thanks for your help.

    Karim Reyes

  2. Former Member
    Firstly thank you for creating a wonderful blog.
    We are planning to PCA retraction . In this process I am trying to read a custom cube by using SAP demo program and I am having difficluties in reading.
    Could you please give me your email-id or any type of contact?


  3. Former Member
    Hi Praveen,

    We are planning to extract same data like for costcenter planning. but i have a BPC infocube, I should not use BPS method of retracting data. but have to build a FM or do something to retrct.

    could you please help me on this

  4. Former Member

    Hi Praveen…nice code..I have a question Why did you called subroutine PERFORM retract_to_r3 within loop and calling bapi again an again..Just curious to know is there any specific reason…???


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