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After weeks of planning, talking, hoping and waiting it finally happened, I didn’t say anything before as I did not want to jinx things but in another “first ever” moves SDN has helped to facilitate another ground breaking event inside of SAP.  Previously I blogged about the excellent RadRails joins SDN Day and the SDN Clubhouse in Amsterdam! to the Amsterdam SDN Day and SAP TechEd, that was followed shortly after by the announcement of a whole SDN Welcomes Ruby, Ruby on Rails and RadRails! devoted to Ruby and Ruby on Rails.  Now continuing in this tradition, I am very excited about this, yesterday the 21st of August, 2006 at 16:00 CET a telephone conference was held between 5 people, it would have been 6 but Andre could not make it. The 5 people who were there: Craig Cmehil (me), Thomas Becker, Piers Harding, Eduard Koucký and Michaela J.  Most of you know Piers from his blogging and activities here on SDN, is also the developer/creator of the SAPRFC connectors for the Ruby, Python and Perl languages. Eduard, for those of you familiar with PHP is the developer/creator of the SAPRFC connector for PHP.  Michaela is someone I actually owe a huge debt of gratitude to for making herself available for this call – above and beyond her normal call of duty. She was present to help us with German/Czech and English to ensure with such a diverse group we were all on the same page! Thank you again!!!  Thomas is the project/team lead for the RFC SDK group here in Walldorf for SAP. This of course is one of the primary building blocks for what Piers and Eduard do.  So what was this meeting all about? Well I’m sure you probably figured it out based on who was present but just in case let me tell you. Thomas has invited both Piers and Eduard to join discussions with his team about the RFC library and to begin a channel of open communications between them in order to ensure that both Eduard and Piers have the information they need to continue to do what they do best! This means that we can start to see some amazing things happening with the various connectors in the future!
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  1. Former Member
    For me – this is what I hope, is the start of an excellent new chapter in the development of the scripting (dynamically typed) language connectors.
    Up until now – the best available information has been what I’ve been able to glean from SE37, and the .h files of the SDK.  Now we will beable to couch questions to the developers themselves, and even make feature requests (substantiated), that can open up new realms of possibilities in terms of not only what functionality, data types can be made available, but even how tightly/seamlessly integrated SAP functionality can be bound.

    Bring it on!!

    1. Former Member
      What can I say…Thanx for this blog Craig…It’s one of the best news ever!!! -:D

      Congratulations Piers! You have made just amazing connectors without real help or documentation…I can’t think but you’re going to be able to do now…But god…It’s going to be huge -:D

      I don’t know Eduard…some of you know that I wrote him with no luck -:( Still…A big congratulations to him, his PHP Connector is what I use the most.

      Finally…I’m happy to see this kind of support that SAP is offering to the Scripting Community. Step by step, brick by brick, we are building our great Scripting Fortress.



      1. Former Member

        Alvaro, thanks for your congratulations. I apologize for not answering to your mail (or mails). I probably omitted them because my antispam filter moved them to SPAM folder (I get hundreds of SPAM messages daily, everything in English……). You can contact me also at private email address –

        1. Nigel James
          Thats great news. Both the open communication channel and the new features you are planning for the php connector. Thanks for your hard work Eduard.
          Thanks too to Piers and all involved here.
  2. David Halitsky
    IF SAP ever does realize that it has the wherewithal to conquer a new vertical market in the area of bioinformatics/biomedicine (not talkin about the commerical aspects of pharma), then it will need to be on a first-name basis with PERL, i.e. it will need to be able to speak freely and comfortably with it.
      1. David Halitsky
        The SDN search on PERL returned a lot of stuff on calling the loader and the Scripting Languages Forum returned a few refs but nothing particular (unless I misinterpteted them.)  When you say “a good start” do you mean “a good start” toward invoking PERL functionality from within WD or WD-ABAP, and if so, can you provide a couple of starter links.  (Don’t be annoyed – I did try two searches before asking for links …)
        1. Former Member
          Two things have happened (not including the articles found on the Scripting Languages homepage)

          1) Piers Harding is of course here with us
          2) Piers is not in direct communication with the RFC SDK group

          That alone is a huge start. As for embeding Perl into a WD app – in theory should not be a problem but to date I’ve not found a reason. You should jump over into the forums and let’s start talking.



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