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It’s been on the list for awhile now and last night it finally went live! When browsing the weblogs now you’ll notice a few new changes. The first change will of course be the easiest to spot. image Now the placement of the icons, etc may alter a bit over the next couple of days as our UI specialists and designers start to get feedback from select groups of beta testers but the functions are now there! The second update, which is not so obvious, at least in comparison to the graphic above is found in our Topic areas. For example if you go to the ABAP Weblogs topic page click on the RSS feed icon . image As you can see we’ve decided to use the excellent Feedburner service to enhance our existing blog topic feeds. Along with this service they have a rather extensive “Ping Shot” and so now you will start seeing the extensive collection of SDN and BPX blogs making their way into the outside world to places like Technorati, you can view our Technorati Profile as well. image Thanks again Feedburner for the excellent support and a special shout out to Steve for all your help! ** We are still adjusting and modifiying so if you are wondering why something is not happening or is happening feel free to leave a comment – suggestions are always welcomed! Feel free to subscribe to the new feeds as you like, the old feeds of course still work and will continue to work!
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    1. Former Member
      Gotta say it…Nice work! Blogs are getting better, SDN loads faster, Rails got it’s own forum -:D I’m happy…Please keep on making improvements…Got all my support.



      1. Former Member
        Mark –
          Thanks for the fix.  It’s really great to see SDN starting to poke it’s head into the broader blog-o-sphere.  Already Dugg the blog you posted up there.  I also added a comment to the SDN forums ( Another way to Link to Digg )— Nothing is never enough for us customers.  ๐Ÿ˜‰  Thanks again for all the hard work.  See you in Vegas.
  1. Nigel James
    Great Craig, I like the way you now get a title for the delicious links. It is a tad annoying that the pages here have the SAME title ie ‘SND Developer Network Blogs’ even if they are permalinked. Any chance of passing that on the the busy beavers in the background?

    Thanks again. It just keeps getting better.

  2. Thomas Alexander Ritter
    Looks greats. But I noticed one thing. When you open the rss feed in a browser it will not display it as a xml file. I assume that somebody forgot to set the content-type to “text/xml” in the http header. Some RSS reader might be picky about that.


    1. Former Member
      Give it a try, it’s an extra feature from Feedburner, not only that but they help make the feeds safe regardless of “odd characters”



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