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Suppose you’ve got a tree context with a node that has a table embedded under it. (For example, the TREE_WITH_TABLE view of WDR_TEST_EVNT has this kind of context substructure.)  Call this node “NODE_WITH_TABLE.”  You now define a recursion node underneath “NODE_WITH_TABLE” and specify “NODE_WITH_TABLE” as the repeated node for this recursion node.  Call this recurion node “RECURSION_NODE”.  Lo and behold – the table fills properly when you’re on any instance of “NODE_WITH_TABLE”, but not when you’re on an instance of “RECURSION_NODE”.  I’m hoping that:  a) I’m doing something wrong;  OR  b) There’s an easy work-around/alternative I’m not seeing   OR  c) SAP will give recursion nodes enough memory to carry any table(s) embedded in the nodes they’re repeating.  ‘Cause I sure don’t want to have to define “n” levels of tree-nodes that have different copies of the same table(s) embedded in them.  ???
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  1. David Halitsky
    Hi Rich –

    Sorry for any breach of posting protocol – I’ve reposted in the Web Dynpro forum …

    On the other hand, if I’m correct in assuming that there IS a limitation in the current implementation of recursion nodes, then I think that aspect of the matter is worth posting at the blog level, inasmuch as it involves two questions:

    a) how ready is WD-ABAP for “prime-time”?
    b) how ready are the WD-ABAP tutorials/example for “prime time”?

    For example, in the Controls Examples of ABAP Objects, there’s a crystal clear example of how to fire a Grid Control from a double-click on a node of a tree control.

    If this control sequence can’t be fully emulated using the “Tree_with_Table” model, then in my opionion, SAP owes the community an example of this control sequence in the WD-ABAP environment.

    On another related point, I think that SAP sometimes makes odd decisions on what kinds of topics to illustrate with examples/tutorials.

    For example, I’d much rather have a crystal-clear example of the above control sequence than an example of how to change the traffic light color in a row of a table.


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