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The web blog series deals with transport of verious KM components. Just to serve as a recap and to refer to my other web blogs please follow the link below, My Web Blogs This time we would focus our attention in creating a transport package for KM content. The content for KM would include the folders, folder structures, the files in the folders and their properties like various versions (if versioning is enabled), their permission set, subscriptions, ratings, feedbacks, forums, discussions. We already discussed that there are two methodologies in creating the content transport package namely ICE methodology and WebDav methodology.  The ICE methodology of content transport involves creating a transport package and then moving it to destination system as opposed to WebDav methodology wherein we work in a Windows Folders like environment.  Lets assume that we have to import the specific folder that has been striped out in the screenshot below, image So now we goto Content administration >> KM content. Look out for a repository called ICE under root. If you don’t find it, then you are in a serious TROUBLE !  image ( I’m just kidding ). If you don’t find the ICE, then its not a problem. You just got to play around with some configurations. That’s it. Follow these steps and you will have ICE back on picture,  •     Goto System Administration >>System Configuration >>  Knowledge Management >> Content Management >> Repository Managers >> Content Exchange Repository  •     Search for ICE repository there. After you loacte it, Deactivate the parameter “Hide in Root Folder”. And also make sure it is activated.  Now that you have ICE repository in place lets go further. Goto >> ice >> syndicator >> global offer. Click on the menu item “folder “>> link.  You would see a dialog form similar to the one below, image This is where you will create a link to the folder which you want to transport. Click on the browse button. Then you will shown the whole KM repositories, wherein you can go ahead to the repository where your folder is and select it and click ok. Look at what I did, image External was my repository. Under which I selected my “M” striped fodler and clicked on OK. Then I save it by giving the link a name as follows, image You can confirm the link is being successfully saved by the green flagged message at the top as follows, image Now you should be seeing an item called “Complete Package” in the listed items. This would deliver a file that you can save to your local computer. The file apparently has the wrapped up content of the folder for which you created a link lastly in the folder “Global Offer”.  image Save th file to your local drive and use it for importing which apparently , we will be seeing in the next blog.
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