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It is that time of year again…… It’s time to plan your TechEd ’06 schedule. In order to help you do so, I want to give you an over view of one of the most exciting Tracks this year. We are all looking for ways to work smarter and more efficiently. The User Productivity Enablement Track will help you do just that!  I am one of the track organizers for TechEd this year. The 2006 US, EMEA and India events are in Las Vegas,Amsterdam and Bangalore! I am the US track owner for User Productivity Enablement. As you might expect at TechEd, the User Productivity Enablement track is quite large and has a lot of sessions. It includes the following sub-tracks: Running an Enterprise Portal, Enabling User Collaboration, Enterprise Knowledge Management, Mobilizing Business Process, Enterprise Search, and UI Design. Like all tracks at SAP TechEd, this track contains sessions (lectures and hands-on workshops) for beginners, intermediate and advanced audiences.   I will be attending the TechEd ’06 Las Vegas and hope to see you there.  Las Vegas TechEd ’06 User Productivity Enablement Sessions:IT Scenario ‘Running an Enterprise Portal’ related sessions:UPE103 Running an SAP NetWeaver Portal: Status and OutlookUPE110 SAP Corporate Portal as an Example for a Company-Wide IntranetUPE112 SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer in All its FlavorsUPE117 User Interface Building Blocks: OverviewUPE150 Integrating Content into Your Portal – Providing Uniform Content AccessUPE200 Best Practices for Implementing an Advanced Portal InfrastructureUPE203 Enabling Portal InteroperabilityUPE208 Implementing a Federated Portal Network – New FunctionalityUPE211 Integrating and Administrating Portal Content EfficientlyUPE215 SAP NetWeaver Portal Benchmark and Load Test-Lessons LearnedUPE218 Learn the Value and Need of Troubleshooting Your SAP NetWeaver PortalUPE251 Changing the Portal Look and Feel Using Tag LibrariesUPE255 Implementing a Federated Portal NetworkUPE258 SAP NetWeaver as an External-Facing PortalUPE351 Improving WAN Performance of SAP NetWeaver Portal IT Scenario ‘Enabling User Collaboration’ related sessions:UPE106 How to Integrate Lotus Applications with the Knowledge Management and Collaboration Capabilities of SAP NetWeaverUPE210 Integrate Third Party collaboration Tools in the SAP NetWeaver PortalUPE219 Use Virtual Rooms To Collaborate with Business PartnersUPE254 How To Operate Collaboration Rooms-Operation Concepts and Best Practices IT Scenario ‘Enterprise Knowledge Management’ related sessions:UPE107 Knowledge Management and Collaboration Capabilities of SAP NetWeaver: OverviewUPE108 Knowledge Management and Collaboration Capabilities of SAP NetWeaver: RoadmapUPE151 Introduction to Flexible User Interface of Knowledge ManagementUPE206 How to Create and Publish Web Pages Using the Latest Knowledge Management Capabilities UPE207 How to Integrate Windows SharePoint Services with SAP NetWeaver Knowledge Management CapabilitiesUPE250 Advanced Configuration of Search within Enterprise Knowledge ManagementUPE253 How To Leverage the Portal Drive WebDAV Client Together with Knowledge ManagementUPE257 Putting It All Together: Developing User Applications in Knowledge ManagementUPE260 Virus Scan Service for Knowledge ManagementUPE301 Integration Capabilities of Knowledge Management IT Scenario ‘Mobilizing Business Process’ related sessions:UPE105 Developing Voice Applications with the SAP NetWeaver VoiceUPE115 The Roadmap of SAP NetWeaver MobileUPE119 Mobile Fast TrackUPE213 Performance Planning: Implementing a Successful SAP NetWeaver Mobile ProjectUPE252     Extending SAP xApp Composite Applications for Mobile BusinessUPE256 Operating a Mobile Landscape Using the Latest SAP NetWeaver Mobile Capabilities IT Scenario ‘Enterprise Search’ related sessions:UPE204 Enterprise Search – Search Integration and Multi-Platform AccessUPE259 Sizing TREX for the Enterprise  IT Scenario ‘UI Design’ related sessions:UPE111 SAP NetWeaver Application Server with Integrated Internet Transaction Server and SAP NetWeaver 2004sUPE113 Update on the SAP GUI FamilyUPE116 User Interface Design Roadmap for SAP NetWeaver ToolsUPE118 User-Centered Design: Best Practices for Developing User Interfaces for End UsersUPE205 Harmonizing the User Experience of Composite Application Development Tools To view all the User Productivity Enablement sessions offered at each location please go to the following links:Las Vegas Amsterdam Bangalore
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