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Hello business process experts! Have you been using Visual Composer for a little while now? Are you hitting different roadblocks that with an additional connector or an additional operator you could accomplish?   I am starting a blog series to discuss extending the functionality of the SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer by creating web services. These web services can be simple to very complex allowing the modeler to accomplish everything from creating a true combine operator to integrating the BI Document Store and a Visual Composer model. The current blogs I have planned for the near future are the following:  1/ creating simple operators using JAVA2/ integrating SAP BI document storage into your model3/ leveraging portal services within visual composer4/ leveraging existing APIs to create custom consoles  The plan is to post a blog a month (hopefully more frequent) on these and additional topics addressing different ways of extending the SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer functionality to give the BPXs the full flexibility required when modeling robust and rich applications with the SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer tool.   I hope you all tune in!   Look for my first addition before the end of the month!
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